PR Resources

Need help with PR? Our PR resources will help your business improve its public relations capabilities. We cover everything from media relations to crisis management:

Media Relations Resources

  • Using PR to Protect Your Brand Online. Despite its benefits, the Internet has a dark side for businesses. A good PR strategy can protect your brand’s image and control the impact of negative publicity online.
  • PR and Social Media. Social media has changed the way businesses interact with customers. What you might not realize is that it also has implications for your company’s PR strategy.
  • PR Versus Advertising. Understanding the difference between PR and advertising is a critical competency for businesses interested in raising their visibility and improving their brand profile.
  • Qualities of a Good Press Release. Press releases are more than informational items in the hands of a skilled marketer, they’re pitches that can be used to shape stories and raise your brand profile.
  • PR Trends. If PR is part of your company’s marketing mix, it’s time for a closer look at the PR trends that are influencing the media and the business community.
  • Online PR. The Internet has resulted in multiple benefits for small and medium size businesses. If your organization isn’t maximizing the use of online PR channels, you’re leaving money and market position on the table.

Effective PR Tactics for Tech Companies

  • Benefits of Data-Driven PR. Media contacts are always interested in great story ideas. Using data-driven PR, your business can generate newsworthy story concepts that are repeatable on a yearly, quarterly or even monthly basis.
  • Clever PR Pitches. Getting the attention of PR targets isn’t easy, especially in a media climate where everyone has access to sophisticated multimedia tools and information on-demand. If you’re going to be noticed these days, you’ll need clever PR pitches that differentiate your organization from the rest of the field.
  • The Role of Case Studies in PR for Technology Companies. Getting PR for technology products and services requires real-world success stories. With customer case studies in hand, you’ll avoid getting the brush off from journalist and editors.
  • Software PR Mistakes to Avoid. Marketing a software product? To be successful, software PR campaigns must avoid these five common mistakes.
  • The Best Tech PR Companies Combine PR, Content, Search and Social. The best tech PR companies of old simply had to know how to get ink for their high-tech clients. Today, combining Tech PR with Content, Search and Social is the key to tech PR agency success.
  • Cloud PR Best Practices. Promoting cloud-based computing products or services? These cloud PR best practices will give you a jumpstart on a successful public relations program.
  • The Perfect Technology Public Relations Pitch. Wondering what makes the perfect technology public relations pitch? These tips will help you pique the interest of reporters and secure key placements.
  • How to Leverage PR for Apps. Wondering how to leverage PR for apps? Walker Sands, a leading tech PR agency, shares helpful tips for launching and promoting your mobile app.
  • Cloud Public Relations Tactics. Trying to design a PR program for cloud-based services? These cloud public relations tactics will help your promotion efforts succeed.
  • How Mobile App PR Leads to a Successful Launch. Launching a mobile app? Walker Sands, a leading tech PR agency, shares how mobile app PR leads to a successful launch.
  • B2B Technology PR Trends. In the constantly changing tech industry, it’s crucial that your agency keeps up with the most recent B2B technology PR trends. Here are the trends we’re watching.
  • Clean Tech PR Strategies. Effective clean tech PR strategies are essential for eco-friendly companies that want to raise awareness and generate sales leads. This article contains great information about the strategies.
  • SaaS PR: Agency Insights on What Works. Building out an SaaS PR plan? Here are some of our agency’s insights on what works well when pitching SaaS companies.
  • PR for Marketing Automation. At Walker Sands, we focus exclusively on technology PR, which gives us a unique understanding of PR for marketing automation companies.
  • PR for Data Marketing. PR for data marketing is an effective strategy to get your company covered in major publications like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.
  • Enterprise Software Marketing/PR. Walker Sands’ award-winning enterprise software marketing and PR programs generate leads, build credibility and raise awareness.
  • Tips for Launching a Startup to the Media. Launching a startup to the media isn’t easy. Walker Sands can help make your startup press blitz a success.
  • How to Leverage PR for eCommerce Technology. Effective PR for eCommerce technology places your business at the center of the online retail and B2B marketplace conversation.
  • The Benefits of mCommerce Technology PR. At Walker Sands, we’ve been doing mCommerce technology PR since the beginning and understand what makes promotional initiatives for mobile technologies unique.
  • Innovative Retail Technology PR. Retail technology PR enables tech firms to reach executive-level decision-makers at some of the world’s most recognized retail brands.

Crisis Communications Resources

  • Preparing for a Crisis. When it comes to damage control, the most important PR steps you take happen long before the crisis actually occurs.

PR Firm Selection Resources

  • IT PR Agency Selection Criteria. Starting to evaluate tech PR agencies to promote your technology products and services? When selecting an IT PR agency that specializes in securing media placements for IT companies, we recommend you use these selection criteria.
  • How to Pick a Public Relations Firm. Choosing the right agency to work with is a critical decision. We give you some tips and techniques that will help you to pick the firm that will best achieve your communications goals.
  • Best Practices for Working with a PR Firm. There are a lot of good reasons why your company should not only hire a PR firm, but also learn how to work with a PR firm to generate maximum visibility for your brand and products.
  • How To Increase Revenue with PR. Good PR does more than generate buzz. When it’s skillfully employed, it also has the ability to dramatically improve your company’s bottom line.
  • Choosing a PR Tech Agency. Planning to hire a PR firm that specializes in technology? Here are some helpful tips to consider when choosing a PR tech agency.
  • The Advantages of Hiring Specialized Technology PR Companies. Is your tech company considering hiring a PR firm? Here are some of the advantages of hiring specialized technology PR companies instead of traditional PR firms.
  • B2B Tech PR: Have You Hired the Right Firm? B2B tech PR firms are not created equal. Here’s how to tell if you’ve hired the right B2B tech PR agency.
  • Digital PR Agency Versus Traditional PR Agency. In addition to getting traditional media placements, a skilled digital PR agency knows how to get online placements, support your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and take your social marketing programs up a notch.

Additional Marketing Resources

Resources for Measuring PR

  • A Good Return on Investment for PR. Want to make sure you get a good return on investment for PR? Here are the steps you should take to ensure your PR program delivers results.
  • Does PR Work? 7 Ways to Measure its Impact. Ever wonder does PR work? Here are 7 ways that Walker Sands, a leading B2B PR firm, measures the effectiveness and impact of PR campaigns.
  • Examples of ROI for PR. Looking for examples of ROI for PR? See how Walker Sands? PR efforts have helped our clients grow and succeed.
  • 3 Myths Concerning the ROI of PR. ROI of PR is measurable, and you do not have to spend a lot of money doing it. True or False? We clarify the myths regarding ROI of PR.

General PR Resources

  • When to Use PR in a B2B Setting. PR is used in numerous ways throughout the business world. Walker Sands, a leading B2B PR firm, provides you with tips on when to use PR in a B2B setting.
  • Why Do PR: 8 Reasons Why PR is Beneficial. Ever wonder why do PR? Here are eight reasons why PR is beneficial and can help your company succeed.
  • B2B Social Media: Does PR Matter?. Does PR matter in the B2B social media world? Walker Sands shares how PR and B2B social media work together to promote your business and support your public relations campaign.

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