Cloud Public Relations Tactics

Cloud public relations has become an important discipline in tech PR. As businesses and individual users migrate to cloud-based technologies, increased demand is driving an influx of new providers and solutions into the marketplace—making it even more challenging for leading technology companies to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack.

When it’s done right, cloud public relations gives technology providers a competitive edge, enabling their key messages to be heard above the clamor of the marketplace. Just as importantly, the right strategy for cloud public relations allows tech firms to establish and strengthen their thought leadership positions by capturing the attention of industry analysts and other industry insiders.

But here’s the catch: many SaaS providers are relying on cloud PR tactics that are outdated and woefully inept at delivering the promotional firepower they expect from cloud public relations. To capture or maintain their competitive edge, cloud-based technology companies need to recognize that cloud PR is constantly evolving—and success hinges on their ability to adapt to new realities.

Ineffective Cloud Public Relations

At Walker Sands, we have a long and successful track record in cloud public relations. As a leader in B2B tech and cloud PR, we’ve had the opportunity to see plenty of pitches and cloud-based PR campaigns from firms across the industry. Some have been extremely successful, while others never seem to get off the ground.

In many cases, the problem with ineffective cloud public relations strategies is that they continue to rely on tired and worn cloud PR tactics. One of the most common approaches we see is PR pitches that continue to focus solely on the benefits of cloud technology.

For example, we’re still seeing cloud public relations campaigns and pitches built exclusively around the big three benefits of SaaS solutions:

  • Lower upfront cost
  • Scalability/Flexibility
  • Fewer in-house IT requirements

Although this was an effective approach when cloud technology was in its infancy, the marketplace has evolved and reporters (as well as key audiences) now expect more sophisticated messaging and a more nuanced approach to cloud public relations.

5 Tips for Successful Cloud Public Relations

Every cloud public relations campaign should tell a story. But regardless of the personality and unique characteristics of specific campaigns, all cloud PR strategies need to incorporate a handful of tips and best practices.

  1. Be newsworthy. The failure to be newsworthy is the cardinal sin of cloud public relations. Cloud technology is being used in innovative ways across nearly all industries, so whenever possible it’s important to connect cloud PR to industry trends and larger stories.

  2. Know your media contacts. While some media contacts cover solution reviews, others focus on cloud and technology trends. By tailoring cloud PR pitches and tactics to each type of contact, you can significantly improve the success rate of cloud public relations campaigns.

  3. Know your competition. Despite the high volume of competitors in the cloud-based technology sector, it’s important to maintain an awareness of other solutions as well as the cloud public relations tactics successful providers are using to promote their solutions. In many cases, these tactics can be replicated to deliver similar results to your brand.

  4. Use customer case studies. Case studies contextualize the benefits of cloud technology be enabling customers to visualize how your solution will have a meaningful impact of their organizations or lives. Since audiences place a higher value on customer-generated messaging, testimonials and case studies are some of the powerful tools in your cloud public relations toolbox.

  5. Tap into third-party expertise. Third-party experts deliver added value to your cloud public relations efforts by bringing an informed and objective perspective to your messaging. These days, it’s critical to identify recognized experts who are willing to support the claims you make about your cloud-based solution.

Finally, like all PR campaigns, it’s important to incorporate the use of analytics into your cloud public relations strategy. By measuring the impact of specific cloud PR tactics, you can make targeted improvements that increase the outcomes you achieve in the cloud technology marketplace.

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