How to Increase Revenue with PR

Cost is always a concern, but ROI isn’t something most businesses immediately associate with PR.

Maybe they should because truly exceptional PR has a direct impact on revenues.

Although the payback on PR has a longer time horizon than advertising, the upside is that a carefully crafted PR strategy can produce a larger revenue gain than a short-term advertising campaign.

Your company’s bottom line is important to Walker Sands’ PR philosophy. If we’re doing our job, your business will ultimately notice an increase in sales and revenues. PR clearly isn’t a panacea for all of your company’s financial challenges, but when you work with Walker Sands, expect PR strategies that target revenue by accomplishing several key outcomes.

  • Visibility. We encounter a lot of small and medium sized businesses that can’t seem to gain traction in the marketplace even though they appear to be doing everything right. The problem isn’t the business model or marketing plan — it’s visibility. PR increases your visibility in the public arena and sets the stage for a greater industry presence.
  • Third-party promotion. Today’s consumers and B2B buyers are extremely skeptical about marketing messages. Company’s can make wild claims about themselves. But when a third-party talks about your brand, people listen. Good PR communicates your brand’s key messages through third-party sources, giving them more credibility with audiences.
  • Branding. Branding is a word that gets more than its share of use in PR and marketing circles, sometimes to the point that it loses its value as a growth or revenue-generating strategy. At Walker Sands, we take branding concepts seriously and design PR campaigns that introduce your brand to a broader audience.
  • Employee morale. Fact: Motivated employees generate more revenues than unmotivated employees. When PR campaigns take off, employees experience a burst of pride about being associated with a company that is engaged in newsworthy activities. That pride translates into a higher level of motivation and improved workplace performance.
  • Damage control. Any business that interacts with the public will eventually need to perform some level of damage control. We work with our clients to design a comprehensive damage control plan before a crisis actually takes place. When worse case scenarios become real life crises, we help our clients quickly and efficiently execute the plan to protect the brand’s image and preserve revenue streams.

There’s a reason why Walker Sands is Chicago’s leading PR firm. We take your company’s bottom line as seriously as you do. If your company’s revenues aren’t what they need to be, give us a call and let’s talk about a PR strategy that delivers real results.

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