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We develop PR strategies with your business outcomes in mind, whether you’re looking to position your brand in the market, establish a new category or strengthen your industry leadership.

Bolster your brand’s reputation with relationships-driven PR

Media shapes your target audience’s perception of your B2B brand. Validation through earned media not only boosts awareness and credibility with customers — it can be the deciding factor between you and a competitor in a prospect’s mind. But winning earned media coverage takes more than just the occasional press release. You need to develop timely, newsworthy narratives and build and maintain relationships with reporters and influencers in relevant publications and outlets.

That’s why you need a B2B PR agency that has strong relationships with reporters and influencers at the publications and outlets your audiences are reading, watching and listening to, and the storytelling skills to shape narratives that grab their attention. Walker Sands’ deep bench of media relations experts draws on extensive B2B industry experience to position you at the forefront of industry conversations, raising awareness and establishing your credibility in the eyes of your audience.

Our public relations services

Our strategists and media experts craft a bespoke PR approach to drive your business objectives.

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Crisis Communications

You can’t wait until you experience a crisis to start planning. No matter your situation, we help mitigate the impact of incidents through proactive planning. And we equip you with a clear blueprint to respond to a range of scenarios so you control the narrative.

Data-Driven PR

Leveraging data to support your brand’s message and inform arguments can strengthen your reputation and establish expertise. But you have to do it in a way that resonates with both reporters and prospects. We help align proprietary and third-party data with emerging industry trends to earn coverage and credibility in your space.

Executive Profiling

Establishing your executives as trusted industry authorities is paramount to building brand recognition and credibility. We position your C-suite as trusted sources by crafting unique thought leadership insights that complement their perspectives and relate to industry trends, ensuring they land in the right outlets and platforms.

Launches + Events

Whether you need to spotlight a product launch, brand announcement or company event, the right relationships are crucial. We leverage our connections with key reporters to execute launch strategies that place your announcement in front of the right people at the right time.

Media + Influencer Relations

Reaching your audience can be difficult in a crowded space. Our media experts help you meet your audience where they are by targeting the reporters, analysts, producers and podcasters they already trust and follow. Through industry trend outreach and rapid response, our media relations empower you to tell your story to the people that matter most at the time they need to hear it.

Media + Presentation Training

Interviews and other interactions with the press can be tricky without proper preparation. Through comprehensive training such as mock interviews, we work with your leaders so they interact with the press in a way that’s clear, concise and consistent with company messaging.

Messaging + Narrative Development

Crafting a clear brand story can be difficult due to complex, technical products and competing priorities among internal stakeholders. We draw on deep storytelling expertise to bring to life narratives that grab media attention, resonate with your target audience and drive customer decision-making.

Thought Leadership

You need unique viewpoints on emerging industry trends to stand out. We combine your expert insights and our media expertise to create newsworthy content that earns you credibility and exposure with your target audiences.

Elevate brand awareness and influence with outcomes-driven B2B PR

Drive brand visibility and increase your share of voice to reach customers and partners, ensuring your brand is top of mind in their buying decisions.

Shorten the sales cycle

What does a prospective customer see when they search for your brand online? You need credible, third-party validation of your products, people and the problems you solve. Our deep media relationships help us connect you with the right industry voices so you can build trust and credibility with prospective customers, streamlining the sales process as a result.

Push forward your brand narrative

You need bold ideas that resonate with the media to stand out in a crowded space. We draw on both our industry expertise and your subject matter experts’ knowledge to generate pitch angles and narratives that align with your business objectives, strike a chord with the media and solidify your expertise in the eyes of industry insiders.

Execute on a global scale

Our international experience and relationships mean your PR efforts aren’t limited by geography. Via our fantastic partner network in PROI Worldwide, we can staff programs with the best professionals in virtually any market, enabling us to execute program goals no matter where your target audience lives.

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“We have had 5 PR firms for Eden, and I can say Walker Sands has been the best to work with. The velocity of coverage has been great, and the team has been able to tap into trends in the space that other agencies couldn’t even identify before the moment was gone. I can’t say enough about the quality of work I’ve seen.”

Joe Du Bey
CEO, Eden

Public Relations FAQs

What are the key ingredients for a successful B2B PR campaign?

A successful B2B PR campaign hinges on several critical elements, including a deep understanding of the business’ industry, strong media relations, targeted outreach and rigorous performance measurement. Additionally, proprietary data can enhance a B2B PR campaign because it provides exclusive insights that establish credibility in the organization’s industry. When working with an agency partner, it’s also important for the agency to have easy access to the organization’s thought leaders so they can maintain relevant perspectives on emerging trends.

What is a B2B PR agency?

A B2B PR agency is a professional firm that provides public relations services to organizations that sell products or services to other businesses, rather than to individual consumers. The core objective of a B2B PR agency is to help its clients build and maintain positive relationships with other business decision-makers, industry partners and the media, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the client’s reputation and driving business growth in their respective industry.

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