Clean Tech PR Strategies

In an increasingly crowded marketplace, clean tech PR is essential for firms that market smart grid, wind, solar, clean water, biomass, green building, biofuels and other clean tech solutions.

Although the strategies may appear similar on the surface, effective clean tech PR strategies have several nuances that must be addressed to generate marketplace visibility and bottom line business outcomes for companies struggling to raise awareness for their brands and products.

Benefits of Clean Tech PR

As a subset of the technology PR sector, clean tech PR can deliver several important benefits to companies that specialize in eco-friendly products and services.

  • Early Visibility. The race to market is creating increased pressure for young firms to generate awareness and credibility earlier in the business lifecyle. With the right agency, clean tech PR can increase your company’s profile and position your business in the marketplace during its earliest stages.

  • Targeted Messaging. The best clean tech PR agencies know how to tailor pitches and campaigns to precise audience segments. This can be extremely useful for clean tech firms because it focuses energy and resources on connecting messaging with the right people, at the right times.

  • Thought Leadership. At Walker Sands, we know how important it is to position our clients as thought leaders in their fields. A good clean tech PR firm will go the extra mile to understand your business and develop creative campaigns that enhance your leadership standing in the industry.

Clean Tech PR Tips

We’ve seen what thoughtfully crafted clean tech PR strategies can do for companies in the clean technology sector. Here are just a few tactics and tips that have been successfully employed for clients that needed to quickly raise awareness about their processes or product offerings.

  • Educate audiences. Good clean tech PR educates audiences and end-users about the personal and environmental benefits of clean technology as well as specific clean tech products. Strong educational elements can attract investors, and environmental awareness among consumers plays an important role in promoting investments in clean technology.

  • Create news. Too often, businesses wait to promote their products and services until news has occurred. But in many cases, various facets of clean technology are already newsworthy. Rather than waiting for something to happen, leading clean tech PR firms create news by promoting disruptive features or processes associated with their clients’ businesses and products.

  • Engage social. Consumers trust messages from other consumers more than they trust messages from your brand. Social media engagement enables your company to recruit brand advocates and ambassadors who will share your clean tech PR messages with their circles of influence, dramatically improving your company’s footprint in the digital space.

Clearly not all PR agencies are equipped to address the unique requirements clean technology clients present. But by focusing your search on public relations agencies with proven technology experience, it’s possible to leverage clean tech PR to achieve measurable market improvements in a relatively short period of time.

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