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At Walker Sands, we’re known for helping businesses achieve greater visibility and bottom line impact from online marketing channels. Over the years, we’ve refined our online PR and marketing techniques to leverage emerging Internet technologies and the online behaviors of today’s consumers. You can count on the fact that if consumers or B2B buyers are engaging in activity online, we’re using it to our clients’ advantage.

Yet despite its importance, many businesses still don’t understand why online PR is such a critical part of their overall marketing strategy. Although there is widespread agreement that the Internet is the new frontier in brand messaging, SMBs often view online campaigns as add-ons rather than as core strategic elements. In our opinion, that’s a big mistake. Here’s why . . .

  • Cost benefits. Generally speaking, online marketing and PR is significantly less expensive than traditional marketing. In addition to eliminating the need for printing and other related costs, many online PR channels have no out-of-pocket costs. Although you will still need to invest in the services of a first-rate PR firm with online experience, you’ll pay a lot less for similar or even better returns.
  • Fast results. The Internet is all about information on-demand. For businesses, that means the PR and marketing content you post online is consumed immediately, delivering instant benefits to your company. If you want to modify or expand your messaging, edits can be accomplished quickly and inexpensively when compared to traditional PR techniques.
  • Size equilibrium. Online channels level the playing field for SMBs. The Internet doesn’t care whether you’re a small company or a multinational corporation. If you have solid content being pumped through the right online channels, it can have the same value (and return) as the messaging create by the industry’s largest competitors.
  • Early adoption advantage. In many ways, the Internet is still in its infancy. No one believes that the Internet we’ll have ten years from now will be relatively unchanged from the Internet we have today. At Walker Sands, we advocate for getting onboard with online PR and marketing as soon as possible since the earlier you integrate the Internet into your marketing strategy, the farther ahead you will be in the years to come.

There is simply no better time than the present to start using online PR to generate substantial returns for your company. Call us today and let Walker Sands become a partner in your company’s online success.

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