PR for Marketing Automation

A hyper-competitive enterprise software landscape makes PR for marketing automation companies an increasingly important priority. When done right, a strong PR strategy can set you apart from competitors. But building a solid PR for marketing automation program requires a specialized set of skills and deep understanding of the complex systems and technologies involved in marketing automation platforms.

Benefits of PR for Marketing Automation

At Walker Sands, we focus exclusively on technology PR, which gives us a unique and comprehensive understanding of PR for marketing automation companies. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to gain a deep understanding of your technology quickly, so we can spend our time building relationships with key influencers, analysts and reporters in your space and reach your target audience.

When we design a tailored plan focused on delivering value-add PR for marketing automation companies, there are several benefits our clients can expect to achieve.

Lead Generation 

We create campaigns that are sharply focused on delivering results. Whether it’s a data-driven PR project that uncovers newsworthy statistics or a thought leadership push that positions your brand at the forefront of a new software trend, our PR for marketing automation programs increase the number of qualified leads funneling into your sales team. We have proprietary tools and processes that quantify the impact of our efforts, so you can gain a better understanding of which campaigns really drive leads.

Increase Website Traffic 

Our unusually large database of media contacts and solid reporter relationships gives your company an edge over the competition. By promoting your executives in your organization as thought leaders and generating strategic placements in key publications through our PR for marketing automation campaigns, we deliver media coverage that drives traffic back to your website.

Raise Awareness

If you’re a marketing automation provider, you need to reach a very targeted and busy audience of marketers and C-level decision makers. Our PR for marketing automation programs focus on the outlets that your customers trust – think Advertising Age, Adweek, CIO Magazine and Business Insider. And that’s not all. We understand how important it is to get you in front of influential analysts, such as Forrester or Gartner, that key decision makers rely on.

Lower Barriers to Purchasing

Today’s customers are tech-savvy and conducting extensive research on their own before reaching out to vendors, which means PR for marketing automation can make a big difference in the sales lifecycle. When your company or product is included in a Gartner report or a recent Advertising Age article, it instantly builds trust and credibility, effectively shortening sales cycles and positioning you as great partner from the get-go.

Build Buzz Around a Product Launch

PR for marketing automation product launches is a smart way to build buzz around your new solution. We focus on generating high-quality reviews, securing demos with reporters and analysts, and letting everyone know about your product as soon as it hits the market.

Attract Channel Partners

Marketing automation solution providers need a robust network of marketing automation agencies to drive product purchase and adoption. Good PR results in top-tier marketing and business media outlets, couple with placements in channel-focused trades, can raise awareness and credibility such that more agencies sign up for your partner programs. It’s a time-tested approach used by the largest marketing automation solutions providers and every forward-thinking software company that relies on channel partners.

PR for Marketing Automation Case Study

At Walker Sands, we live and breathe technology, which helps us drive better results for our clients. But don’t just take our word for it. We have an extensive portfolio of successful product rollouts, brand positioning and thought leadership campaigns.

The Alterian PR case study showcases the power of a successful PR for marketing automation program. In just four months, we generated more than 300 media placements for Alterian, delivering enormous business results, including an acquisition by SDL, a much larger public software company.

Find out more about how Walker Sands can help execute successful PR for marketing automation companies by contacting us at 312-235-6173. We’re happy to discuss your tech PR needs.

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