PR Considerations When Marketing a New Business

When you’re managing PR and marketing a new business, there are several factors to take into consideration. As with all decisions regarding a new business, PR considerations will take a significant amount of time and research.

Here at Walker Sands, we’re highly experienced in PR and new business, and we’ve helped many clients effectively manage their PR strategies when they begin marketing a new business.

5 PR Tips to Consider When Marketing a New Business

Public relations can be a powerful tool for marketing a new business, and it’s imperative that PR is included in any company’s marketing strategy. Whether it’s putting out press releases or engaging with customers in social media, creating a comprehensive external communication effort can be tough for even the most seasoned PR pros.

Here are some of Walker Sands’ best tips for marketing a new business:

  1. Cultivate media-ready clients.
    One of the most important PR considerations is to make sure your clients are willing to be interviewed by journalists and featured in media placements. Because PR involves heavy interaction with the media, it’s crucial that your clients are comfortable answering questions and communicating with reporters. In marketing a new business, Walker Sands has found that positive media placements, in which a company’s clients have good things to say about them, are highly effective.
  2. Engage in time-appropriate promotion.
    In PR and new business, executives should be wary of promoting their products and services too early – journalists don’t like to be pitched “vapor” products. If your product is on the verge of being released, editors will be more likely to cover it. When marketing a new business, ensure that your product is newsworthy to generate buzz and create an aura of suspense around your product at the right time.
  3. Be transparent.
    A cornerstone of PR and marketing a new business is to be honest with the public about your company’s progress. Whether a company changes its name, merges with another company, acquires a business or projects a new image, it’s imperative that executives use PR tactics to raise awareness and reinforce its new image in the community when marketing a new business.
  4. Mention the competition.
    In the course of marketing a new business, executives shouldn’t be afraid to mention the competition when pitching their products or services to media publications. Companies should recognize that their products or services alone are probably not newsworthy. However, tying your business’ offerings into a larger trend and mentioning other companies that support the trend will help secure more media coverage.
  5. Find a PR firm that knows your industry.
    With PR and new business, executives should find an appropriate PR agency that has a successful track record in their company’s industry. Look for growing PR firms with a specialty in your sector or market segment, and talk with reporters and editors about the PR companies they enjoy working with. A great tip when marketing a new business is to review stories in targeted publications about similar companies and research who they are using to meet their PR needs.

Although engaging in public relations may seem easy, every executive should carefully assess the aspects of the company they wish to highlight in order to make the best impression when marketing a new business.

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