Cloud PR Best Practices

Rising demand for cloud-based services is driving increased competition – and the need for cloud PR best practices that enable technology companies to stand out in a crowded marketplace. In many cases, the issue isn’t that customers aren’t aware of the benefits of cloud technology, but that they are struggling to identify the cloud solution that is the best fit for their unique needs and challenges.

At Walker Sands, we’ve seen stellar and not-so-stellar PR for cloud companies in the marketplace. Although the nuances of cloud PR can be subtle, a solid understanding of cloud PR best practices is essential for achieving desired outcomes from your company’s cloud PR campaigns.

5 Tips for Cloud PR

There are several strategies that can be used to improve the effectiveness of cloud PR campaigns. For example, research conducted by the University of Florida and Persistent Systems, suggests that cloud technology providers may be best served by considering the needs and value requirements of end customers rather than simply developing and promoting cloud-based solutions for their own sake.

But when push comes to shove, a well-designed PR program for a cloud-centric technology company should contain the following elements:

  • Third-party expertise. Every tech PR firm on the planet is promoting cloud computing in their PR pitches. So to make your cloud PR pitches stand out, it’s important to leverage third-party expertise and enlist the support of recognized experts who can vouch for the quality of your solution.

  • Combined PR approach. Exceptional cloud PR combines public relations, content marketing, search and social. By ensuring that key messages appear everywhere your audience consumes and locates content, you can significantly increase the value of your cloud PR investments.

  • Cloud trends. The cloud is constantly evolving and allowing users to perform a wider range of anytime, anywhere activities. As much as possible, tap into the trends and stories that are influencing the cloud technology sector. For example, consider leveraging news announcements from Amazon and other major players to position your cloud solution in the marketplace.

  • Analyst relations. Analyst relations play an important role in cloud PR. Your customers have a lot riding on the relocation of data or operational assets to the cloud, and an endorsement from a top-tier analyst firm goes a long way toward providing the credibility you need to put their minds at ease.

  • Competitive awareness. Innovation definitely has its place in cloud PR. But it’s just as important to closely study your peers and competitors so you can emulate their PR successes. By replicating smart cloud PR strategies, you can neutralize competitive advantages that have been achieved by others in your space.

The number of cloud-based solutions available to your customers is increasing everyday and if you’re still struggling to stand out from your competitors, you’re already behind the marketplace. But by leveraging a handful of best practices for cloud PR, you can make up lost ground and improve your company’s visibility to target audiences.

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