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The most effective way to reach your audience is by leveraging the voices and sources they already trust and follow. But how do you engage with the right media and digital influencers in your industry’s crowded landscape? Our team of expert storytellers, PR strategists and former journalists are here to help.

Walker Sands’ media experts cultivate relationships with reporters in top-tier media and high-value trade outlets. And our pitches land because we know which topics and angles resonate with our targets. We work with you to tailor your brand narrative to their preferences, enabling you to showcase your story to the right people, where and when it matters most.

Walker Sands Media + Influencer Relations FAQs

Will you be able to get us coverage in the Wall Street Journal?

It’s important to first take a step back and determine why you want to be featured in the WSJ. We’ll work with you to decide whether it’s a key publication for you to target. If it is, we’ll help identify the best narrative for the most relevant reporter depending on your story’s topic. Then we’ll leverage our existing relationships across the agency and work to get you on your target reporter’s radar.

How much coverage can you secure in six months?

It’s difficult to confirm exactly how many pieces of coverage we’ll be able to secure in the first six months due to the many factors that influence this outcome. To ensure we make the biggest impact, it’s key for us to have open access to your subject matter experts. We do our most impactful work when your thought leaders are not only available, but also willing to share bold and unique commentary in response to industry trends and breaking news.

How can I verify your team’s relationships and expertise?

Walker Sands’ media experts come from a variety of backgrounds, including journalism. This gives our team a unique understanding of how to effectively engage reporters in a crowded space. Additionally, many of our media experts specialize in specific industries within the B2B realm, like supply chain and logistics, HR tech, cybersecurity, manufacturing and more. These team members have expertise in building relationships with the top reporters in each respective industry.

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