Brand Strategy for B2B Companies

Strengthen or shift your brand position, engage your audiences and stand apart from competitors with outcomes-driven B2B brand insights, strategy and creative expression.

Lean into what sets you apart with B2B branding services

Flashy creative might get you noticed, but it’s not enough to differentiate your company in a crowded B2B marketplace.

Truly great B2B brands are built at the intersection of organizational identity, audience needs and competitive white space. But to get there, you need research-backed insights, strategic focus and world-class visual and verbal creative expression. And to generate excitement and ensure buy-in, you’ll also need a proactive plan to roll out, educate and activate your brand among internal and external audiences.

Walker Sands harnesses deep research capabilities, thorough methodology and standout creative to develop distinct, memorable brands that engage and delight B2B audiences. Whether you’re repositioning to speak to a new audience or refreshing to keep pace with evolving market trends, we draw on our experience across multiple B2B industries to ensure your brand resonates.

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“From the moment I read your proposal and saw your work, I never doubted that we picked the right partner. You all are extremely dedicated, hard working, and very talented.”

Amanda Beto
Senior Marketing Director

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Own who you are with our branding capabilities

A great B2B brand differentiates your business and strengthens your competitive advantage. We offer a portfolio of services to help you define your brand identity and carve out an ownable space in the market.

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Audience Personas + Messaging

Understand your audience’s preferences and pain points with our qualitative and quantitative persona research. From there, we’ll help align your marketing strategy with clear messaging frameworks that show your audience who you are and why you matter, at a glance.

Brand Strategy

Backed by a thorough data-based methodology, our brand strategy process yields a unique and ownable position for your brand in the marketplace.

Creative Brand Identity

Dazzle your target audiences with a world-class creative brand identity that communicates a compelling, future-forward version of what your brand can be.

Build a better brand

Put your best foot forward in the marketplace with Walker Sands’ branding services.

Know your strengths. Know your audience. Know your competition.

Gain research-backed insight into where your strengths, audience preferences and competitive edge intersect — where great brands are built.

Communicate carefully, clearly and consistently

Tailor your brand messaging to known audience personas to build a cohesive brand narrative and avoid diluting brand value with uncoordinated messaging.

Be seen — and loved

Build a unique creative identity that expresses your brand personality and nurtures positive, value-based relationships with your target audiences over time.

Educate and rally brand ambassadors

A brand is only as strong as its ability to be applied consistently over time. Reinforce your brand with comprehensive plans for internal and external rollouts and ongoing activation via creative campaigns.

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Branding FAQs

When is it time for my B2B company to rebrand?

You should update your brand periodically to reflect changing industry trends and your company’s evolution. Many B2B companies choose to rebrand after events that change the nature of their business, like a phase of rapid growth or a merger. Rebranding can also help your company shift its market position, for example, by addressing new audiences.

What is a B2B branding agency?

A B2B branding agency helps B2B brands strategically develop and refine their brand strategy, messaging and creative expression, including visual and verbal brand identity. In turn, this enables brands to effectively communicate their value propositions, establish credibility in their industry and more authentically connect with their target audiences.

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