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Modern supply chains are complex — and so are the challenges your business faces. Whether you’re a 3PL, freight or carrier company, you’ve had to adapt alongside evolving consumer expectations, technological advancements and regulatory demands. In addition to maintaining your competitive edge in a crowded market, you also need to communicate your differentiators to your target customers.

Maybe you need insight into your target audience’s buying journey. Or maybe you need to engage prospects with content that aims to solve their most pressing logistics challenges. No matter your goals, Walker Sands delivers the services you need to drive those outcomes. And ramp up is fast thanks to our deep expertise in developing and executing integrated and multi-channel programs for supply chain and logistics companies.

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Adapt to the evolving supply chain and logistics landscape with marketing services designed to drive the outcomes your business needs.

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Build credibility with earned media

From evolving climate legislation to globalization, you need a voice in the room when it comes to emerging industry trends. When you establish your position and offer actionable insights, our team helps deliver your message to the right audiences in both top-tier and trade publications.

Transform insights into meaningful leads

From targeted ads to organic search programs, marketing initiatives can amplify your brand. But you can’t get there without insight into your clients’ and prospects’ buying journeys, goals and pain points to ensure your offerings align with their real-world needs.

Engage your audience in a saturated market

Reach and engage personas at every stage of the buyer journey. Whether you need a strategic social media campaign that resonates with prospects or thought leadership content that educates and informs, we have the tools you need to build affinity with your audience.

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“This work has brought discipline and rigor to the way we’re using marketing to propel our product portfolio and has created better awareness of our service offerings. You’ve helped us unlock a different level of effectiveness at Breakthrough.”

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