Digital PR Agency Versus Traditional PR Agency

Many brands and businesses wonder why they need a digital PR agency. If they’re already investing in traditional PR, decision-makers assume that their current public relations agency will be able to handle all of the opportunities and challenges that come down the pike.

But in today’s digital universe, that simply isn’t the case. When it comes to the question of a digital PR agency versus a traditional PR agency, we know that digital agencies offer capabilities that are beyond the scope of firms that focus on a more traditional public relations approach.

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Key Differences Between a Digital PR Agency and a Traditional PR Agency

A digital PR agency has the ability to give clients exposure across a range of online and offline locations – essentially anywhere today’s audiences consume key messaging. From online media placements to social media engagement, a digital PR agency delivers outcomes that extend beyond the limitations of a traditional PR firm.

  • Objectives. Both a digital PR agency and a traditional PR agency share the same objective, i.e., to enhance their clients’ reputations and increase visibility among targeted audiences. So the primary difference between the two isn’t what they’re trying to accomplish – it’s about how they do it and the specific outcomes they achieve.

  • Channels. Compared to a traditional PR agency, a digital PR agency has a lot more channels in its toolbox. Although many digital agencies also handle traditional media placements, they have the ability to leverage websites, blogs and other online placements to deliver real-time messages across an increasingly sophisticated array of global, web-based channels.

  • Audience Interaction. Traditional PR is often a one-way conversation in which the brand presents key messages for consumption by core audiences. But a digital PR agency specializes in creating two-way conversations and authentic dialogue with audiences, generating exciting opportunities for brand interaction and customer engagement.

The best digital PR agencies combine PR and digital marketing to create a coordinated and comprehensive brand strategy. At Walker Sands, it’s something we call the Digital Ecosystem, and it enables us to tap into important synergies that deliver exceptional results for B2B technology companies at every stage of the business lifecycle.

What a Digital PR Agency Can Offer

Given the state of technology, most public relations firms are eager to brand themselves as digital. But at Walker Sands, we believe that there are several core capabilities a true digital PR agency should bring to your business.

  • SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capabilities are a prerequisite for success in today’s PR marketplace. By securing high visibility online placements and optimizing digital content, a qualified digital PR agency can make your messages much more attractive to Google and other search engines.

  • Content. Great content drives great public relations. A digital PR agency integrates content generation with PR and other functions, improving your brand’s thought leadership positioning and enabling your content to achieve greater impact across many digital channels. In many cases, high-value content like data studies, white papers and interactive case studies can be powerful resources for your business.

  • Social. The social media phenomenon has transformed the marketplace and presented opportunities for businesses to deepen their relationships with core audiences. Your digital PR agency should be a key player in your brand’s social media efforts, promoting consistent brand messages through the social media channels that are important to your audiences.

  • PPC. Pay-per-click marketing and remarketing tactics are critical for driving traffic to lead gen content and other important digital assets. When it’s applied intelligently, PPC marketing extends the value of PR and ensures that your brand and products are visible to the right audiences at the right times.
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Traditional PR has its place. But until your brand taps into the capabilities and opportunities of a top-flight digital PR agency, it will be impossible to connect your most important audiences with your most important messages.

At Walker Sands, we’ve integrated PR and digital marketing services from day one and we understand how an optimized mix of earned, owned and paid media helps B2B technology firms achieve business advantage. To learn more about our integrated marketing approach, contact us today.

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