B2B Tech PR: Have You Hired the Right Firm?

B2B tech PR fills a critical need for technology companies that need to raise their visibility among targeted industry audiences. Without the support of an effective public relations strategy, many of B2B technology companies would struggle to achieve recognition and thought leadership in markets that are crowded and highly competitive.

As one of the nation’s leading B2B tech PR firms, Walker Sands knows what it takes to deliver exceptional public relations outcomes to growth-minded technology clients. But we also realize that not all technology companies are receiving that same level of service from their PR agencies, prompting many to wonder whether or not they have partnered with the right firm for their PR needs.

5 Key Questions for Your B2B Tech PR Firm

In today’s marketplace, your business can’t afford to settle for a less-than-effective B2B tech PR agency. Regardless of whether you are currently working with a general public relations firm or a specialized agency, there are several questions that will help you decide if you have hired the right B2B tech PR firm.

  1. Does the agency understand my business?
    B2B tech PR exists at the nexus of two sub-categories of public relations: technology and B2B. So it’s important for your PR firm to have a solid understanding of current trends in technology as well as the processes and pressures that shape the B2B marketplace. Although you will need to educate your PR team about your specific products or services, they should already possess basic knowledge about your industry.

  2. Do they have the right media contacts?
    Top-tier B2B tech PR firms seek out and secure media placements in outlets that are read by your target audiences. How? In addition to crafting newsworthy and impactful pitches, agencies like Walker Sands have invested time and energy in the cultivation of relationships with the right media contacts. Industry journalists trust them and are more likely to take their messaging seriously.

  3. Does the agency have digital capabilities?
    We live in a digital age. So it makes sense that your B2B tech PR firm should offer a comprehensive range of digital and PR capabilities. If your PR agency doesn’t have SEO, search or digital content capabilities, their ability to deliver the best possible service and PR outcomes is questionable, at best.

  4. Can they demonstrate measurable outcomes?
    Public relations impact is notoriously difficult to measure. But measurable ROI is important to your business, so it’s not unreasonable to expect your B2B tech PR firm to provide measurable outcomes for your PR investments. Common measurements of PR effectiveness include number of placements, social shares, search rankings, and site visits.

  5. Is your PR firm still passionate about your company and its products?
    You can’t fake passion over the long-term. All PR agencies are enthusiastic and passionate when they are trying to earn your business. But does your B2B tech PR firm have the same passion six weeks, six months, or even six years down the road? If your agency isn’t regularly providing you with new and creative PR strategies, then it might be time to start shopping for a new firm.

Choosing the Right B2B Tech PR Agency

Not every B2B tech PR firm is right for every business. When choosing an agency, it’s important to make sure that the firm’s culture, background and processes are a good match with your company and your public relations goals.

But in general, most B2B technology firms have the most success with agencies that specialize in B2B tech PR. Specialization enables these firms to develop their skill sets and staff the most talented people in the field—resulting in consistently better outcomes for your business.

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