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Distinguish signal from noise — and drive effective action — with a data-driven strategy that delivers a clear roadmap to achieving your business goals.

Craft a B2B marketing strategy you can be confident in

As a B2B marketer, you’re inundated with data, from performance metrics to customer feedback. But translating that flood of information into usable insights and effective action can be a challenge. You need a B2B marketing strategy agency that can sift through the noise to uncover valuable insights — and show you how to act on them to reach your business goals.

Gaining an edge in your market starts with a deep understanding of your audiences, competitors and market landscape. We research and analyze with an academic level of rigor to uncover directional findings. Then, we turn insight into action with a comprehensive strategy that gives you a roadmap to reach tangible business outcomes.

Our marketing strategy capabilities

At Walker Sands, we don’t get distracted by vanity metrics. Our strategy work, from initial research to the final product, is guided purely by your business goals.

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Account-Based Marketing

If you’re struggling to break into a niche market, expand to new geographies or reach specific, high-value clients, an account-based marketing approach can help. We recommend accounts to engage, craft messaging and creative that resonates with them, and then identify best practices for measuring success.

Buyer Journey Analysis

To move buyers down the funnel, you need to understand not just who they are, but the path they take to purchase. We leverage a deep understanding of each persona’s pain points, purchase criteria, desired outcomes and evaluation process to optimize your messaging and drive your business goals.

Channel Strategy + Media Planning

Our Strategy team sits at the center of our organization, supporting all agency functions with a dedicated methodology. We collaborate with services teams to develop detailed plans for implementing our marketing strategies across the channels most relevant to your messages, goals and audiences.

Integrated Marketing Strategy

We bring together a deep understanding of your business, industry and competitive landscape to determine the best messages for relevance and the best channels for amplification. Our team focuses on digestible, actionable marketing recommendations that align with your goals — so turning action into impact is easy.

Research + Insights

Great strategy is built on great data. Our thorough research methodology builds a strong foundation of firsthand, relevant information to guide business decisions, which we translate into clear, tangible opportunities for your organization.

Generate insights that drive action

Our expert marketing strategists turn research insights into your unfair competitive advantage and develop clear plans to act on them.

Understand your audience

Learn what drives prospects to buy and what keeps them from engaging your brand with qualitative and quantitative insights other agencies miss.

Monitor your competition

Crack your competitors’ playbooks and strengthen market position through a comprehensive competitor analysis.

Act on market opportunities

Make an informed decision about expanding to a new market, introducing a new product, or evolving your brand — and execute with a comprehensive go-to-market strategy.

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“[Walker Sands] has brought discipline and rigor to the way we’re using marketing to propel our product portfolio and has created better awareness of our service offerings. You’ve helped us unlock a different level of effectiveness at Breakthrough.”

Heather Mueller
CMO, Breakthrough

Walker Sands Insights + Strategy FAQs

What types of market strategy consulting projects does Walker Sands offer?

Walker Sands offers a full suite of marketing strategy services, including:

  • Research + Insights
  • Integrated Marketing Strategy
  • Buyer Journey Analysis
  • Channel Strategy + Media Planning
  • Account-Based Marketing
When can I benefit from B2B marketing strategy consulting?

You might need marketing strategy support if you have:

  • A lack of understanding of your clients and prospects’ needs or pain points
  • A lack of clear differentiators from your competition
  • Recently undergone M&A or other evolution to your product or offering 
  • An upcoming product release with no real GTM strategy
  • Negative feedback from customers or prospects about alignment of products to their needs

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