The Role of Case Studies in PR for Technology Companies

Effective PR for technology is about more than white papers and contributed bylines. Prospective technology customers and journalists respond to stories describing how individuals or companies have achieved success with your technology offering.

As a result, the role of case studies in PR for technology companies is growing. At Walker Sands, we understand that illustrating real-world applications of our clients’ technology offerings can be a good way to capture the attention of journalists and editors. More importantly, it’s often the best way to engage new customers and draw them into conversations about how your tech offering can generate comparable outcomes in their companies.

The Importance of Case Studies in PR for Technology Companies

In today’s information marketplace, media outlets are bombarded with pitches promising a range of technology outcomes. But it’s not enough to talk exclusively about product features and potential benefits in PR for technology.

  • Editors and journalists want to hear about your products from your customers rather than hearing your executives or other internal stakeholders discuss available features.
  • Case studies provided by PR for technology companies contextualize key messages for target audiences. By understanding how others have integrated your technology into their lives (B2C) or operational processes (B2B), new customers and clients can begin to visualize how your technology can help solve some of their most pressing needs.
  • When it comes to PR for technology, firms that take an aggressive approach to creating case studies and getting customers involved in PR programs will always outperform those who simply promote their technology with no reference to real-world applications.

PR for Technology: Case Study Tips

There’s no getting around the fact that case studies can improve the effectiveness of your PR for technology program. But generating high-quality case studies and distributing them to key audiences can be tricky. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

  • Case Study Content. First-rate tech PR firms play an important role in helping you get media placements. But they also have the ability to write case studies on your behalf, allowing you to focus on growing your business.
  • Video Case Studies. Across the board, video is becoming more common in PR for technology companies. Consider filming case studies and distributing video case study content on YouTube or other social media platforms.
  • Start Small. Many technology companies mistakenly believe that they have to produce a 1,500-word document to access the benefits of case studies in PR for technology. However, a better approach is to start small with short vignettes or articles that highlight your success. From there, you can expand your approach to include more comprehensive case studies for key clients.

Soliciting Client Buy-In for PR for Technology Case Studies

In our PR for technology experience, it can be difficult to convince clients to go on record about their success for the first time. To overcome their resistance, take a staged approach, starting with a request to include their company logo on your website or to mention them in an article for your company newsletter.

Also, clients respond better if they are presented with something tangible. While they may decline permission to issue a press release, they are more likely to respond if you present a finished case study to them and ask for permission to post on your company website.

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