Looking to venture into a new segment? Pioneer a fresh category? Bolster your industry credibility among your competitors? We’ve got you covered.

Gaining the competitive edge

What sets your brand apart from the rest? What unique value do you offer that others don’t? Who is your target audience? Our focus on position-related outcomes is designed to uncover your brand’s ideal audience and define a winning value proposition that maximizes your competitive advantage.

Whether you need to strengthen your existing position or make a strategic shift, our end-to-end capabilities — spanning strategy and production across paid, earned and owned media — uniquely position us to tackle your biggest objectives.

What’s your brand’s game plan?

Maybe you understand exactly where your target is when it comes to your market position, and need help getting there. Or maybe you need the data, insights and strategy to inform your brand’s next move. Regardless of where your brand stands today, our Outcome-based Marketing programs can help you achieve your brand position goals.

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Launch a new category

Introducing a brand new product to the market? Define your new niche through a research-backed marketing strategy, then build audience buy-in with an attention-grabbing creative campaign or media relations blitz.

Shift from one category to another

Adapting to evolving customer needs, keeping up with changing regulatory demands or moving from a saturated market to an untapped one may require a category shift. Update your messaging to complement your brand’s new direction, and follow up with thought leadership that cements your credibility in your new space.

Go after a net-new audience

If you’re expanding into a new market or industry, ensure you’re backed by the personas research you need to understand your new customer base. Then, unleash a steady stream of authoritative editorial content that speaks to their needs and preferences.

Strengthen your market position

Not clear about your brand’s sweet spot in the market? Conduct the market research to understand customers’ needs and how they perceive you — and craft a brand strategy that enables you to claim your place in the lineup.

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“You’ve elevated our team to heights none of us ever could’ve predicted through data studies, e-books, webinars, interviews, podcasts, company positioning, pivoting after we acquired PrizeLogic, rebranding our company and building a new site for us!”

Jim Tierney

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