PR Tips for B2B eCommerce Technology Companies

The rising popularity of online shopping and purchasing experiences is driving increased demand for B2B eCommerce—and creating important opportunities for brands that specialize in equipping B2B eCommerce companies with the technology they need to stay ahead of the marketplace.

Key Elements of PR for B2B eCommerce Tech Brands

Although many B2B technology providers appreciate the important role public relations plays in achieving targeted business outcomes, relatively few brands understand the standard elements that are commonly found in the industry’s most successful PR initiatives.

At Walker Sands, we specialize in helping B2B eCommerce technology companies achieve measurable outcomes with specific audiences in the online commerce sector. In our experience, some of the critical elements of PR in this space include:

  • Comprehensive Industry and Market Research. Research plays an important role in positioning your organization at the forefront of the industry. In many cases, innovative and relevant research insights can be leveraged to generate reports that make a splash with key media outlets and establish your company as a trusted source for information about emerging trends.

  • Louder Leadership Voice. Exceptional PR helps identifies, creates and executes thought leadership opportunities, enabling you to express your brand’s voice as an industry leader. For B2B eCommerce technology companies, thought leadership is useful for gaining traction with media outlets as well as influencers within the industry.

  • Improved Content Marketing. Content makes the world go ‘round—at least when it comes to promoting technologies and positioning your brand at the center of your space. Contributed articles, data studies, white papers, case studies, SEO content, blog posts and other types of high quality content are critical for engaging targeted audiences across multiple channels.

  • Better Social Media Engagement. Social media has the potential to amplify the reach of your message and forge deeper connections with both prospects and existing customers. But for maximum effectiveness, you’ll need proactive social campaigns built around “sticky” insights and concepts.

  • More Public Speaking Opportunities. In the Digital Age, brands often overlook the value of public speaking opportunities. That’s a mistake. Why? Because appearances on panels and at major industry events are excellent opportunities to network with the decision-makers and influencers that shape the B2B eCommerce space.

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