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When to Use PR in a B2B Setting

Though PR is used in numerous ways throughout the business world, it can be difficult for companies to figure out when to use PR in a B2B setting. Rather than emotion-driven consumer marketing, the nature of the B2B space is more informational than personal. B2B companies offer different products and services, requiring unique PR tactics that speak to other businesses instead of consumers.

At Walker Sands, we’re well versed in B2B PR strategies that can help companies that are unsure when to use PR.

When to Use PR

B2B PR encompasses many purposes, and knowing how, where and when to use PR can be challenging for B2B companies. The Walker Sands PR team is highly experienced in effectively using PR in B2B settings, and can offer advice on the best times to utilize B2B PR:

  • Making an entrance. For startups that have yet to break into the industry, PR is a cost-effective way to generate buzz before the launch date. When introducing your company to the market, the best way to create interest and attract potential customers is to use PR tactics that tell the industry who you are and what you have to offer.
  • New product launches. A great time to use PR is for any and all new product launches. When you’re offering a new product or service, using PR can attract attention and create buzz about your launch. Additionally, B2B PR tactics can create continued or renewed interest in existing products or services. Promoting new offerings is a great case of when to use PR in a B2B setting.
  • Business is slow. Another example of when to use PR is when business appears to be slowing down. If you’re trying to expand your customer base, PR is a great tool to raise your profile and create brand awareness among new markets. Through the use of B2B PR, you can attract clients or funders and get your name known in the right places.
  • Sharing success stories. To effectively persuade potential clients, tell them how your company has successfully helped others. Sharing customer success stories is a great example of when to use PR – bragging about your talents and strengths as a company will show prospects why they should choose your business over your competitors.
  • All the time. Companies that need guidance on when to use PR should note that there’s no wrong time to use PR! B2B PR tactics should be used consistently rather than on and off. Strategic PR tactics can help B2B companies create and shape their public image as well as maintain their reputation long-term. B2B public relations strategies raise brand awareness, promote individual campaigns and events, aid fundraising efforts, and create interest in new products.

For all B2B companies, PR plays a significant role in the marketing mix and can be utilized for different purposes in the changing media landscape. Whether it’s promoting a charity event or changing public perceptions, B2B companies can use PR in many positive ways.

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