Sales Enablement

Shorten the B2B sales process and maximize ROI by empowering your sales team with the assets they need to close big deals.

Drive more business with a robust sales enablement toolkit

A strong sales enablement toolkit is your secret weapon. It bridges the sales and marketing divide, arming your reps with the tools they need to win deals. What’s more, it opens a clear line of communication between the teams for sharing game-changing insights on what truly sparks customer interest. Well-equipped with the right sales enablement materials, your sellers are poised to snag more wins, shorten the sales cycle and increase deal size.

From sales decks and sell sheets, to customer case studies and explainer videos, Fortune 500 B2B brands rely on Walker Sands for the collateral and assets their sales team uses to close big deals. Plus, these resources have staying power, ensuring you can drive outcomes now and in the long run.

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Increase your velocity to win rate

Empower your sales reps with memorable, relevant resources tailored to each stage of the sales process, enabling them to efficiently guide prospects through the funnel and win deals quicker.

Build credibility for your brand

Leverage high-impact assets like case studies, white papers or e-books to earn the trust of your audience.

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Catalyze conversations with customers at each stage of the sales cycle

Move deals forward with engaging, up-to-date content that speaks to the specific needs of a prospect and effectively communicates your company’s offerings.

Walker Sands Sales Enablement FAQs

What is sales enablement?

Sales enablement strategically equips your sales team with the resources necessary for meaningful customer conversations at every stage of the sales cycle. Collaborating with marketing, sales reps utilize targeted collateral to guide prospects through the sales funnel. This fosters effective communication between sales and marketing teams, ensuring alignment on objectives and messaging tactics essential for successfully closing new business.

What types of sales enablement content does Walker Sands create?

At Walker Sands, we create sales enablement content that ensures sellers can meet customers where they are. This includes sales decks, sell sheets, customer case studies, infographics and explainer videos, as well as long form, downloadable content like e-books and white papers. We also specialize in tech enablement, including marketing automation services that generate more qualified leads, from CRM integration to scoring systems, lead segmentation and drip logic.

Can Walker Sands help update my brand’s existing sales enablement content?

Yes! Whether it’s crafting entirely new resources or giving your toolkit a makeover, we’re all in on maximizing your revenue potential with sales enablement. We’re able to update your existing templates or materials to ensure they resonate with your audience and keep your brand top of mind — be it through fine-tuning your messaging or elevating your design.

What types of sales enablement formats does Walker Sands support?
  • Sales decks: PowerPoint or Google Slides
  • Sell sheets: one-page or double-sided PDFs
  • Case studies: PDFs and webpage/blog 
  • White papers and e-books: PDFs

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