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PR Takes Outseer From New Brand to Recognized Leader

Anti-fraud and threat intelligence provider leverages a multifaceted PR strategy to break into the cybersecurity space.

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The volume of digital commerce transactions skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic — and payment fraud increased proportionately. To cash in on growing demand for fraud solutions, RSA Security made the decision to spin out its anti-fraud and threat intelligence offerings into a new, standalone company: Outseer. 

As a new player in the space, Outseer had an opportunity to differentiate its payment fraud offerings and capture market share as a premier payments security solutions provider. The brand enlisted Walker Sands to support its launch, and generate both awareness and credibility. The result was a successful launch and 85 total media placements in the first year, 19 of which were top-tier.

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The Challenge

RSA enjoyed robust brand recognition for its offerings. But its payment fraud offerings lacked similar awareness, which presented a major hurdle for Outseer. To deliver results, Walker Sands would need to develop and execute a strategy to introduce Outseer to media outlets and position the new brand as a serious competitor in the anti-fraud and threat intelligence space.

The Solution

The Walker Sands team leveraged a multi-phase approach — initially focusing on the brand’s launch, then shifting to an ongoing media relations strategy to maintain momentum. With only three weeks to prepare for the launch, our team hit the ground running via discovery calls with key company leaders and preparing the necessary PR launch materials. This included the ideation of several pitch angles segmented according to the brand’s key audiences in the financial services, tech/business and cybersecurity industries. To achieve optimized coverage in key media outlets, our team targeted specific reporters via exclusive and embargo outreach. Our team also developed a rolling 90-day PR plan that would support the brand post launch and continue to drive awareness as our team shifted to an ongoing media relations strategy.

Following the launch, our team focused on solidifying Outseer’s credibility and differentiating its product offerings through thought leadership, newsjacking and company storytelling. The knowledge and deep industry experience of Outseer’s SMEs enabled our team to embed the brand in key industry conversations on topics like the future of fraud detection/prevention, product updates, 3DS2 standard changes and payment trends.

Data, including the development of quarterly reports based on proprietary research, helped to further differentiate Outseer’s capabilities and establish credibility by demonstrating the ROI of the brand’s solutions with both customers and the media.

The Results

Through this multifaceted PR strategy, our team delivered quickly on Outseer’s goals of driving awareness and credibility, and effectively differentiated the brand in a highly competitive space. 

The brand launch landed 25 media placements for Outseer — 5 top-tier placements and 8 feature placements. In just 7 months, overall media placements totaled 85, 19 of which were top-tier in outlets including ZDNet, TechRadar and Forbes. Additionally, 31 of the media placements secured were headline mentions. 

Thanks to its collaborative partnership with Walker Sands, Outseer established itself as a leader in anti-fraud and threat intelligence, positioning the business to take full advantage of emerging opportunities in cybersecurity.

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