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Stop your audience from scrolling and make your brand stand out with compelling visual storytelling from a leading illustration and graphic design agency.

Scale your visual storytelling impact with a B2B graphic design agency

It takes compelling visual storytelling across all of your marketing channels to connect with B2B brand audiences.
You need a graphic design and illustration agency that can take complex B2B topics and break them down into skimmable, digestible content optimized for each medium. Our design team seamlessly adapts to your existing visual identity, and can identify ways to uplevel your content to stop prospects and existing customers in their tracks.

Top-quality creative is table stakes — our designers and illustrators get you thinking outside the box so your design and illustration supports larger business goals and engages your target audience, no matter the channel.

Illustration of Amazon Business's purchasing platform.

Catch your audience’s eyes across every channel

A compelling graphic for Instagram looks different than the visuals that engage users on your website — and we know the difference. We work to understand your audiences on every channel, helping us deliver clear, skimmable graphics and illustrations that support your overall marketing message.

Scale your internal design capabilities

A lot of hard work goes into compelling design and illustration — we help you maximize it. By delivering easily-modifiable templates and supporting your existing team, our designers make it easy for you to scale and update our work across channels.

Out of home advertisement for SoftwareOne.
Pages from the 2022 Social Data Report for Oak Street Health.

Reinforce your brand identity with consistent visuals

B2B brands can easily damage their reputation by including inconsistent or haphazard visuals alongside other marketing campaign assets. At Walker Sands, our designers can take a bird’s-eye approach to your design, offering suggestions and strategies to make future designed content consistent and clean.

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Ann Hagner
Executive Vice President, Services