How Public Relations Can Improve Ad Tech Marketing

Ad tech companies face a difficult task when it comes to ad tech marketing. In an extremely crowded and competitive space, executives are having a hard time figuring out how to reach customers who are most likely to use their products. On the flip side of the coin, marketers are struggling to find ad technology to optimize their campaigns and deliver increased ROI.

Ad tech marketing can feel like walking through knee-high mud—but it doesn’t have to. The solution lies in finding a public relations agency that is experienced in B2B technology and is knowledgeable about the ad tech industry. By implementing a PR strategy that targets the right customer base, you can build credibility with key audiences and differentiate your brand from the competition.

Public Relations Tips for Better Ad Tech Marketing

It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of the ad tech industry, especially with new technologies and providers emerging on a constant basis. But the right PR strategy can set your brand apart in the marketplace and present a solution to marketers who have searched tirelessly for ad technology.

To achieve measurable results, a PR agency should incorporate a strategy for ad tech marketing that:

  • Positions you as an expert. Thought leadership helps develop relationships with new and existing customers. The ad tech sector offers several different types of expert commentary and thought leadership opportunities – white papers, speaking engagements at industry events, conferences and panel discussions are good ways to position your brand at the top of the industry. More importantly, you’re presenting your knowledge to marketing decision makers at companies that are likely to purchase your technology.
  • Leverages Social Media. Social media has often been viewed as a strategy that is mostly beneficial for consumer brands. However, social is also an effective tool in generating new leads and business results in the B2B sector. Your strategy should offer a tailored and customized approach that encompasses social media best practices like pinpointing key audiences, selecting the right social platform and establishing your brand’s identity.
  • Create Compelling Content. Content can often pose the greatest challenge to ad tech companies looking to stand out in a competitive marketplace. Great content grabs buyers’ attention and turns them on to your product. Even more, well-written content is the backbone for most digital marketing strategies – SEO, email newsletters, contributed articles, etc. A strong strategy develops and incorporates content based on buyer profiles and personas that strategically align with your ad tech marketing messages.

Maximize Your Ad Tech Marketing with Walker Sands

At Walker Sands, we understand that ad technology is evolving at a rapid pace. We know you want to stay ahead of the curve—and we have the proven capacity to make sure you are. Whether it’s developing a social media plan or writing a byline for an industry vertical, Walker Sands will help marketers, CMOs and other key decision makers as the best choice in ad technology.

To learn more about how Walker Sands’ PR strategies can help enhance your ad tech marketing efforts, contact us today.

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