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Raise brand awareness, boost engagement and build trust with motion graphics from a leading B2B video and animation agency.

Engage, educate and inform with B2B video production and animation services

To stand out from competitors, your B2B brand needs to tell a captivating brand story that meets your audiences where they are — and that means investing in video. You know you need thumb-stopping, shareable interactive media that breaks down technical concepts clearly. But where do you start? At Walker Sands, we leverage a deep understanding of your brand strengths and industry landscape to create videos and animation that both educate and engage your target audience.

We specialize in developing quick, digestible explanations of your complex products and services. This authentic, informative content not only grabs your audiences’ attention, but earns their trust, building your credibility and raising brand awareness at the same time.

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Create clarity around your products and services

Struggling to explain your complex offering to a new audience? Our video animation services cut through the noise with digestible, sharable explainer videos and animations that sell your strengths.

Get in the engagement long game

Video and animated content holds your audience’s attention longer — and helps the message stick, ultimately raising your brand awareness.

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Build credibility with informative, interactive content

Authentic and engaging videos and animation build trust with your audience, solidifying your status as a thought leader and market mover in your industry.

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Ann Hagner
Executive Vice President, Services