Original Research

Raise awareness and credibility with narrative-driven research reports backed by robust methodology and industry expertise.

Tell a compelling story with data

Are you chasing the industry news cycle rather than disrupting it? Struggling to get your thought leadership noticed by industry experts and influencers? You need original research that validates your brand perspective with high-quality data, packaged in an accessible and attention-grabbing content asset.
Our narrative-driven research methodology helps you own the conversation by answering the questions your audiences — and the media — are asking.

Whether you need to generate leads with a high-value content asset, raise awareness with top-tier media placements or elevate the credibility of your thought leadership, our research-based content works to capture and keep your audience’s attention. And our research process strikes an ideal balance between creative thinking and thorough methodology.

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Establish your brand as a trusted authority

Build credibility with prospective customers, journalists and your industry by sharing original data to back up thought leadership insights.

Fill your sales pipeline faster

Generate more leads at a faster pace with a high-value, gated research asset to anchor your paid campaigns.

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Secure increased share of voice

A compelling research report can shape industry conversations and cement your brand in the minds of potential customers.

Our editorial research process

Our robust editorial research process puts narrative first, without sacrificing rigorous methodology.

  • Concept a topic that resonates with industry audiences and media targets
  • Craft survey questions to collect newsworthy insights
  • Shape data into a compelling narrative + package into a content asset
  • Amplify findings across channels to raise awareness and increase share of voice
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Walker Sands Original Research FAQs

How long are your surveys and research reports?

The length of our surveys and research reports varies depending on your brand’s specific needs. We offer a range of research services, from 5-question pulse surveys to multiple 25-question surveys. Our research assets range from data analysis and topline findings, to blog posts and designed PDF reports. Ultimately, we work closely with you and our trusted research vendors to create a high-quality survey set that prevents respondent fatigue or speeding, and a resulting research asset that meets your business needs

Can you work with data that we provide?

Yes, we can work with your existing proprietary research and help take your data insights to the next level. In addition to conducting our own end-to-end research on your behalf, we can work with data from third parties.

Who owns the data that’s collected?

Throughout the process, all original research is owned by you, the client. You are free to use the data for your own purposes beyond your engagement with Walker Sands.

How do you ensure data quality in your research projects?

We rely on the knowledge, experience, and technical expertise of our research vendors, which are individually vetted using the comprehensive ESOMAR question set prior to establishing a partnership. This process surfaces detailed information about each vendor’s sample sources, sampling process, data quality, policies, compliance and more.

Additional steps we take to ensure high-quality data fit for media use include robust qualifier questions, fraud reduction measures and routine data validation checks.

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