How a Solid Health Tech PR Plan Can Benefit Your Business

Health tech is a crowded industry. Literally hundreds of healthcare technology companies are developing wearable devices, apps and solutions that revolutionize how healthcare professionals do their jobs. A comprehensive health tech PR strategy breaks through the noise to put your company on the map, earning recognition among industry insiders and thought leaders. 

Why the Effectiveness of Your Health Tech PR Plan Matters 

As more healthcare technology solutions and services emerge, it’s not uncommon to feel like you’re swimming in an extremely crowded pool. Without an effective public relations plan in place, it’s only a matter of time before the competition takes over. The right health tech PR enables you to:

  • Educate prospects on your products and services
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Establish thought leadership opportunities 
  • Influence key decision makers

What Does a Robust Health Tech PR Strategy Look Like? 

A successful public relations campaign goes beyond traditional elements like pitching stories and setting up interviews. Although these things still matter, they should be part of a larger, more comprehensive health tech PR strategy that leverages a variety of tactics: 

  • Messaging & Branding – Before you can effectively tell your brand’s story, you need to nail down key points and messaging. Cohesive, defined messaging and branding is a necessity when deploying public relations initiatives. Why? Because that messaging is infused into every aspect of your PR plan. Company messaging should reflect not only who you are as a brand, but your history, products, goals and company cultures – all of the things that separate you from competitors. 
  • Content Marketing – In today’s marketplace,  your company is defined by the content you publish. A solid content marketing strategy increases web traffic and conversions, generating more qualified leads. This includes press releases, contributed bylines, blog posts, infographics and more. Great content should always be relevant, as well as easy to find and read. 
  • Digital Elements – Look at your prospective customers. They’re attached to mobile devices, laptops and tablets more than ever before. Part of an effective health tech PR strategy involves reaching out to would-be buyers on the digital channels they engage with the most. That means leveraging digital elements like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and social media. Digital marketing raises your profile with customers you simply can’t reach via traditional public relations and marketing campaigns. 

Health Tech PR Made Simple

Healthcare technology is one of the fastest growing B2B technology sectors today. You need a public relations and digital marketing firm that not only has in-depth knowledge about the marketplace, but can stay ahead of the curve, deploying a public relations strategy that produces results.  

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