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Why Use Walker Sands

Here’s what differentiates us from other marketing and communications firms:


Walker Sands is quickly becoming widely recognized as one of the top Chicago PR firms and one of the top Chicago marketing consultants. Our name is associated with superior quality, integrity and consistency. When you partner with Walker Sands, you are partnering with a company that can help you develop and deploy marketing and communications strategies that will take your business to the next level.

Technology Focus.

Our focus is principally on technology companies. In contrast to many other agencies, we understand technology. Our principals have built successful technology companies in previous lives. We understand technical terms and we closely follow technology trends. We know what it takes for technology companies to be successful and we bring that knowledge to bear on behalf of our clients.

Entrepreneurial Background.

Our offerings and staff are rooted in our veteran entrepreneurs who have built successful companies. Having “been there, done that” as company founders and executives, we are well positioned to offer good advice and services to our clients. We don’t passively consult. We actively push to grow your business successfully, as if we had as much stake in your success as you do.

Flawless Execution.

We augment our technology and entrepreneurial backgrounds with flawless execution in marketing and public relations. We are practically oriented in the area of communications, with a strong emphasis on tactical implementation. We don’t just talk a good game — we deliver the goods.

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