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The Best Tech PR Companies Combine PR, Content, Search and Social

The days when tech PR companies could get away with doing one thing well are over. More than ever before, your company needs an agency that excels at combining public relations, content marketing, search and social into a comprehensive PR strategy.

At Walker Sands, we’ve found that an integrated approach is the key to leveraging PR as a driver of ROI and business growth. Top-tier technology companies demand measurable results from their tech PR companies. By combining PR with content, search and social, the best tech PR companies tap into synergies that dramatically improve visibility of messaging to target audiences and generate bottom line business impact for the brand.

Why an Integrated Approach Matters to Tech PR Companies

Although most agencies mention integration, leading tech PR companies view a combined approach as a cornerstone of their business models and aggressively pursue an integrated strategy across their portfolios, enabling their clients to appear everywhere their customers expect them to be.

Here’s why:

  • Customer behaviors. Your customers are active in many different places. In addition to reading IT press, they also attend industry events, engage in Twitter chats and perform searches for relevant topics in your space. To influence decision-makers, your company needs to appear in all of these places.
  • Interconnectedness. PR, search, social and content marketing are more connected than most people realize. Savvy tech PR companies develop strategies that target and leverage the connections between all available marketing disciplines.
  • Added value. By combining PR, content marketing, search and social, tech PR companies generate added value for their clients, delivering results that couldn’t be achieved by approaching each discipline independently. With a combined PR strategy, the sum really is greater than the total of the parts.

Core Capabilities for Top Tech PR Companies

A combined approach to PR requires tech PR companies to demonstrate expertise in multiple disciplines, with proven success across several core capabilities.

  • Tech PR. Companies that tout their ability to leverage multiple disciplines need to be established agencies in the tech PR sector. They routinely develop successful campaigns that are newsworthy, relevant to technology media outlets and helpful in promoting their clients’ interests.
  • Content. Good content drives the entire PR process. Content marketing maximizes the impact of your company’s valuable content by utilizing content as a catalyst for search, social sharing, media opportunities, speaking engagements and other activities.
  • Search. Increasingly, target audiences need to be able to find your company’s PR content and messages in the digital space. Great tech PR companies offer robust search capabilities (e.g. SEO, search engine marketing, etc.) that increase the visibility of your content and ensure that your target audience can find it online.
  • Social. Social media is one of the most rapidly expanding areas in tech PR. The best tech PR companies are capable of providing social account management, social media monitoring, social advertising and other services to increase your brand’s social reach.

Although it’s possible to handle one or two functions in-house, in our experience technology brands achieve the highest returns when they outsource all four functions to reputable tech PR companies that are experienced in the integration of multiple marketing disciplines.

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