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What to Look for in a Chicago Web Design Firm

When choosing a Chicago web design firm, it pays to be selective.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a web design firm in Chicago:

  • Proximity to Your Location. If your business in based in the Chicago area and you are looking for a Chicago web design company, it’s wise to choose a company that is a short commute away from your office. While it’s true that many aspects of web design projects can be handled remotely, there’s always an occasional need for face-to-face meetings.
  • Web Design Portfolio. While there are many Chicago web design firms to choose from, there are only a handful that excel in good web design. Review the web design company’s past work and make sure you like what they’ve done for other clients.
  • Business Savvy. Your web site is critical to your achieving your business objectives, right? If so, make sure you hire a Chicago web design agency that understands how to drive business results by using the Web. If not, you’ll end up with a pretty web site that is of little value to the organization.
  • SEO Capabilities. Everybody says they are SEO experts, but most just talk the talk. Find a company that truly understands search engine optimization. This is critically important. We’ve seen some Chicago web design firms create sites for clients that look beautiful but rarely show up in important search engine searches.
  • SEM Capabilities. Beyond SEO, there are myriad ways to take advantage of search engine marketing (SEM) tactics. To deliver results, your web site needs to be designed with SEM in mind. A good Chicago web design firm will know how to track goal conversions from pay-per-click advertising campaigns, score leads as they come in to maximize sell-through, and build a site that is optimized from the ground up to generate business leads that quickly turn into paying customers.

A Premier Chicago Web Design Firm

Walker Sands is a Chicago web site design and online marketing firm. We provide our clients with personal service and custom website design, partnering closely with you to grow your business. If you are looking for a Chicago web design firm, we’d like the opportunity to present our credentials.

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