Keep Customers Reading: How to Increase Landing Page Engagement

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Marketers spend a lot of time and money helping target audiences find their site, microsite or landing page. But those investments are wasted unless you can engage visitors after they arrive on your site.

To make headway with site visitors, you need to prioritize time on page. Time on-page is a direct reflection of users’ interest in your product or service, and it’s a key metric for gauging your site’s ability to effectively engage visitors.

Two tools to help you increase time on page are motion and content. These tools boost the appeal of a microsite or landing page — and when you add a robust web content strategy to the equation, you gain the ability to forge deeper connections with visitors, leading to more conversions.

At Walker Sands, we understand how challenging it is to generate interest and capture user attention in an era of short attention spans. So, we’ve developed several tips that can improve your ability to engage and convert site visitors.

Move the needle with motion

Motion can breathe new life into your landing page or microsite. By presenting your brand in a visually appealing and dynamic way, you can capture users’ attention and increase the amount of time they spend on-page.

  • Motion design: From micro-animations to explainer videos, website motion graphics draw visitors in, motivate them to stay longer, and provide them with the information they need to make informed purchase decisions.

    Movement draws people’s attention. That’s one of the things that makes motion design an effective marketing tool. When deployed correctly, motion design elements can boost clicks by directing users’ attention toward targeted actions. It’s also useful to prioritize animations that illustrate your product, reinforce copy, and direct attention to key information.

    Similar to the way video content on social media performs better than static content, motion design elements make it more likely visitors will:
    • Retain information 
    • Pay attention to critical messaging
    • Stay on your site longer
  • Micro-interactions: Small web interactions help capture users’ attention and engage visitors with entertaining visuals and graphics.

    When used strategically, micro-interactions can bring an element of delight to your pages to make user experiences more fun. For example, a call to action button can attract users with a “shaking” interaction, boosting clicks.

    Micro-interactions also elicit positive emotion, and emotional contact with users inspires confidence and trust. Micro-interactions can even motivate people to take targeted action on a webpage, like filling out a form.

    From a technical standpoint, we recommend WordPress or Webflow when looking for a CMS that’s easy to use and great for creating micro-interactions.

Convert with content

Effective copy is critical for keeping site visitors on-page. Copy with too much jargon or language that comes across as unprofessional can deter visitors. Here are some additional web content strategy tips to help you strike the right balance:

  • Digestible content sections: Most online readers skim through content. By adding large blocks of content to your landing page, you’ll lose their attention. As a rule of thumb, keep paragraphs to three sentences or less to avoid overwhelming readers with copy.

  • Bulleted sections: Bulleted sections make a page more approachable. Incorporating bullets into web content allows the reader to grasp key points quickly without forcing them to wade through blocks of copy.

  • Readability: Site users universally prefer clear, concise content over lofty prose, so it’s helpful to aim for an eighth-grade reading level when creating content. To be safe, pass your web content through the Flesch-Reading Ease formula or use an online tool to ensure your content is easy for site visitors to comprehend.

Build lasting connections

Short attention spans mean your web pages have to be at their very best for maximum conversions. 

Ready to learn how Walker Sands can help optimize your microsite or landing page to keep users sticking around? Get in touch to learn more about our web content and motion design services.


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