Creative Brand Identity

Stand out at a glance with a distinct visual and verbal B2B brand identity that differentiates you from competitors and engages your audience with eye-catching creative.

Differentiate your brand with a creative brand identity

To capture the attention of target audiences, your B2B brand has to make an impression at a glance. That means defining a clear brand identity that tells an authentic story about who you are and gives your assets a unique look and feel.

At Walker Sands, we leverage expert in-house creative to develop an ownable verbal and visual brand identity that resonates with your audiences.

Whether you need quirky illustrations or a sleek, buttoned-up aesthetic, we flex our creative muscles to meet your needs and the expectations of the market.

We also understand that your identity has to represent where your brand is going, not where it was five years ago. So, we center brand expression on your organization’s values and lean into your competitive advantages, producing authentic, eye-catching brand assets that B2B audiences can’t get enough of.

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headshot of ann hagner, senior vice president of integrated at walker sands
Ann Hagner
Executive Vice President, Services