Martech Stack Integration + Optimization

Drive sales growth, scale demand gen campaigns and seamlessly integrate new technology into your tech stack with the help of an experienced martech consulting firm.

Streamline marketing and sales efforts with seamless martech integrations

A poorly configured martech stack stalls pipeline progression and makes it difficult to prove ROI to stakeholders. But even B2B companies with abundant resources struggle to execute technology integrations and updates. That’s where a marketing technology consultant can help.

Our martech experts work alongside your team to improve the flow of data between systems and ensure you’re getting the most out of your marketing technology investment. With our help integrating platforms and optimizing connections, you’ll gain access to the data you need to make informed decisions that drive your business’ growth.

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Access actionable insights

An optimized martech stack streamlines customer data across marketing automation, web, email, paid media and more so you can improve campaign performance in real time.

Accelerate pipeline velocity

When systems are working the way they’re supposed to, sales and marketing teams can spend more time on lead generation and nurture tactics that move the needle.

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Comply with regulations

As the consumer data privacy landscape evolves, a streamlined martech stack ensures you can move with agility to comply with new and evolving regulations.

Martech Stack Optimization FAQs

What is martech consulting?

Martech consulting, short for marketing technology consulting, involves expert guidance and assistance to organizations in selecting, implementing and optimizing marketing technology solutions. These solutions, collectively known as martech, encompass various tools and software used in marketing, from customer relationship management systems to analytics platforms. Consultants help businesses choose the right technologies, assist with their implementation and optimize their usage to align with overall marketing and business strategies. They also ensure compliance with data privacy regulations and security standards.

What does a B2B marketing technology consultant do?

A B2B marketing technology consultant specializes in helping businesses in the B2B sector leverage technology and data-driven strategies to improve their marketing and sales efforts. They offer services such as martech stack optimization, data strategy development, technology integration execution and scalability planning. These agencies help B2B organizations make informed, data-driven decisions, streamline marketing workflows, and improve lead generation and customer engagement to achieve their business objectives more effectively.

What is the martech stack setup process?

The first step of the martech stack setup process involves auditing and assessing your current systems to determine whether they align with your sales and marketing objectives. From there, you can move on to integrating new tools, migrating data and testing. It’s important to remember that the work doesn’t stop after the implementation phase. Ongoing iteration is necessary to ensure your martech stack continues to function seamlessly, meets the needs of your business and complies with data privacy regulations.

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John Fairley
John Fairley
Senior Vice President, Demand Gen