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Ensono Doubles Conversions With Web Redesign

Web redesign positions Ensono as an innovative managed service provider while providing double-digit performance improvements.


As a managed service provider and consultancy, Ensono empowers businesses to embrace innovation across their technology ecosystem. Over the past 50 years, Ensono has grown from offering mainframe support to helping its clients create tomorrow’s cloud advantage.

A long-time Walker Sands PR client, Ensono came to our team for a full website redesign, seeking a top-tier B2B site with improved performance and increased conversion opportunities.

increase in conversion rate

Google performance score

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The Challenge

Ensono offers end-to-end digital transformation services, but its website failed to communicate its breadth of expertise and innovative approach. Inconsistent messaging and unclear site organization limited its ability to engage and convert audiences with different business needs.

Ensono’s original site was also riddled with performance issues that negatively impacted conversion rates. Slow load times and outdated CMS templates indicated the site needed a new strategy to improve engagement and increase MQLs.

The Solution

Walker Sands’ integrated approach came into play to deliver a powerful web presence for Ensono on a massive scale.

Our strategy set the foundation for the site, leveraging SEO research, a brand audit and buyer personas to build information architecture that highlighted Ensono’s range of expertise.

Next, the site execution phase streamlined the design and content of the site, while developing tailored messaging for different offerings. Our design team introduced clean lines, intentional use of Ensono’s trademark purple to draw the user’s eye and digestible blocks to create a sophisticated, modern feel.

During content development, we focused on Ensono’s impact — rather than falling back on technical language — while balancing keyword optimization and clear content. Additionally, we implemented SEO best practices by leveraging keyword research to draft content that closely matched users’ search intent.

Through each step of the process, our priority was performance, UX best practices and SEO. By introducing a new user-friendly CMS, consolidating code and streamlining design, we closed performance gaps and enabled Ensono’s innovation to stand out.

Web Strategy

By leveraging stakeholder inputs, web personas, a brand audit exercise and SEO research, our web team created a navigational sitemap and wireframes that strategically organized Ensono’s offerings for various buyer journeys. The result was a navigation that segmented Ensono’s offerings by industry and solution, and wireframes that enabled seamless self segmentation.

Homepage Concepts

Our team developed three homepage concepts with different creative directions, allowing the Ensono team to pick a look and feel that aligned with their goals for the site. Each concept included a different layout, image treatment and redesigned navigation, and the approved concept informed our design decisions across the rest of the site.

Brand Execution

Our team elevated Ensono’s existing brand through a sophisticated color palette, clean design, and clear messaging —retaining the elements that make ensono stand out while highlighting their approach.


To ensure each visitor found the Ensono solution they needed across 90 pages of content, we introduced personalized blocks, using D&B data to target users in different regions and industries.

The Results

With sitemap, design and UX improvements, Ensono’s site performance skyrocketed. The site’s Google Lighthouse performance score jumped from 29% to 90%+ post launch. Additionally, content across the site solidified Ensono’s brand voice and reached a 100% technical SEO score.

The engagement made a tangible impact on lead generation. Our efforts led to a 46% increase in conversion rates and a goal completion increase of nearly 70%. With our help, Ensono established a more powerful presence in its highly competitive space.

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