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What Makes a Good Website

Wondering what makes a good website? You’re not alone. Your business website serves as the anchor of your brand’s online presence-a cornerstone in your quest to locate and engage scores of prospects and leads for your company.

But in many instances, business websites fall short in one or more areas. By understanding the ingredients that determine what makes a good website, you can substantially boost the impact of your site and achieve measurable improvements in site traffic, conversions and other key measurements.

Determining What Makes a Good Website

At Walker Sands, we specialize in helping leading B2B technology companies increase site value and achieve a range of customized objectives from their digital properties. Leveraging a multi-disciplinary approach, we understand what makes a good website and regularly deliver sophisticated sites to leading B2B brands.

  • Digital Strategy – Strategy is the foundation of digital success and a key to understanding what makes a good website. Ideally, your digital strategy should inform everything you do online and guide your efforts to improve the effectiveness of your company’s website.
  • Exceptional Design – Aesthetic appeal and useful design features matter to B2B buyers and play a role in determining what makes a good website. An experienced digital agency can incorporate imagery and site features that are aligned with the needs and preferences of buyers in your industry.
  • High Impact Content – Content is another important variable in determining what makes a good website. The most successful B2B sites nearly always feature a quantity of highly relevant and impactful content that not only describes products and services, but also engages prospects and existing customers on topics that are important to their businesses.
  • Streamlined Navigation – Clear, intuitive navigation improves the quality of the user experience. By streamlining navigation and creating a clear path to conversion, site visitors can quickly identify the information they are looking for and take the next step in their journey with your brand.
  • Expert SEO – When identifying what makes a good website, many B2B firms overlook the value of professional search engine optimization. With the expertise of a qualified SEO services provider in your corner, you can dramatically improve your visibility in search rankings and drive a higher number of prospects to your site.

For B2B brands, the ability to quickly and easily update site content is necessary to stay relevant with the marketplace. So when evaluating what makes a good website, consider implementing Content Management System (CMS) technology that allows marketing and other stakeholders to quickly post new content to your site-without incurring the additional time and hassle of involving IT in the process.

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