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Web Design Resources

As a leading Chicago web design firm, we are pleased to provide you with our collection of web design, search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click management (PPC) resources. Come back soon. We frequently add new resources. If there’s a specific topic, you need help with, please give us a call!

Web Design/Development Resources

  • Recommendations on Finding a Good Chicago Web Design Firm. How can you find a good Chicago web design company that can inspire your prospects and increase your sales? Here are a few things to consider as you evaluate your Chicago web design firm options.
  • Help! We Need a Better Website. Need a better website? Our web consultants work with clients around the globe, helping them to improve their websites.
  • Characteristics of an Effective Website. Most businesses acknowledge the need to improve their websites. At Walker Sands, we think site modifications should begin with a thorough understanding of the characteristics that make a good business website great.
  • Web Design Trends. Web design is the cornerstone of an effective online presence. The design of your company’s website says a lot about your business and here are some of the web design trends we’re seeing.

Website Strategy Consultant Resources

  • Bottoms Up Web Design. Building a website? Consider trying an approach where you design your site’s home page last.

Website Redesign Advice and Resources

  • Ten Signs That It’s Time to Redesign a Website. Think you need a new website but not positive that the time is right? These “ten questions to ask to determine whether you need a site redesign” will come in handy. If you decide you do need a new website, give us a call.
  • Planning a Website Redesign. Website redesigns are standard fare at Walker Sands. If you are planning a website redesign, here are some things to consider when redesigning a website.

Website Lead Generation Resources

  • Website Lead Generation. If website lead generation is important to your organization, this article by one of our Chicago web design experts is a must-read article.
  • Mastering Website Calls To Action. Calls to action are an art worth mastering for businesses interested in improving conversion rates and online lead generation.

Website Content Strategies and Advice

  • What Does It Take to Create an Authority Website?. Authority websites dominate search engine results and crush the competition on every metric that matters. Find out what it takes to turn your business website into an authority site.
  • How to Write Great Website Content. Writing good web content is part art, part science. This perspective on how to write great website content works well for our clients, and it can work miracles for your site too.

SEO Tips From Our Chicago SEO Consultants

  • Benefits of Organic SEO Search Traffic. A good website strategy balances pay-per-click advertising with organic SEO. Learn more about the benefits of organic SEO search traffic.
  • SEO Questions You Should Be Asking. Sooner or later, most businesses wonder whether it’s possible to further optimize their site for search engines. But when it comes to online marketing, that isn’t the only SEO question you should be asking.
  • Link Building. You’ve designed a great website, but you’re still experiencing anemic site traffic. What’s wrong? It could be that you haven’t invested enough time in link building.
  • Local Search Optimization Advice. Not ranking well in Google local search? Here are ten steps to improve your local search presence in a hurry.

Social Media Marketing

  • Integrating Social Media Into a Business Website. Social media should be an important part of your online marketing strategy. One way to expand your presence on popular networking sites is to integrate social media elements into your business website.

Resources on Other Websites

  • First Steps: Social Media. Social media is proving to be a highly productive channel for PR and marketing content. If you haven’t integrated social media into your marketing mix yet, here’s how to get started.

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