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Law Firm Website Design: A Useful List of Big Law Firm Websites

Ken Gaebler

Law Firm Website Design - List of Big Law Firm Websites
Redesigning a law firm website? This list of big law firm websites will come in handy!

Over the past few years, our Walker Sands Digital team has developed a niche in the area of law firm website design. It's not the only industry we serve but it's one of our fast-growing industry focus areas.

I've written in the past about corporate law firm website design considerations but hadn't discussed the actual design of a law firm website -- how it looks, what goes on the home page and what gets the most visual emphasis -- in great detail.

I'm not going to do that today either. Too busy -- sorry.

Instead, I'm simply going to share a list of law firm websites that I find to be useful.

The law firm list is below. If you just want to quickly page through the law firm home page designs, you can browse 185 law firm home pages, sorted alphabetically by law firm name, here:

If you prefer to visit the sites individually and browse around, here's the long law firm website list. Enjoy!

List of Law Firm Websites

If I had more time, I'd do a serious analysis of these sites to isolate the latest law firm web design trends. What percentage of the big law firms on this list have a jquery carousel animation? How many have a "find an attorney" search feature on the home page? What are the most common items in the top nav of a law firm website? How many law firms use stock images versus actual photos of firm attorneys?

How can you use my collection of big law firm websites? Well, if you are designing a law firm website, you can provide these links to the partners and attorneys you are working with and ask them which features they like or dislike. You can also use them to show your client what other law firms are doing in order to inform the conversation on what direction their law firm website redesign project should take.

What's your take on law firm website design? Who's doing it right? Who's got it completely wrong? What do you think are some good best practices for law firm site design? Let me know your thoughts by adding a comment below!