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Evolve along with industry innovations.

We’re Here to Optimize Your Insurtech Marketing

The insurance industry model has changed. Firms are embracing new technologies to better serve digitally immersed customers and enhance operations. And as these innovations continue to emerge, it’s become increasingly difficult for insurance technology solutions to stand out.

Walker Sands can help define, elevate and amplify your brand story to heighten credibility, clarify your product offering and generate qualified leads. And, most importantly, our marketing experts will allow your insurtech brand to gain a competitive advantage in a fast-growing market sector.

Walker Sands works with insurance, reinsurance and insurtech players with both B2B and B2C delivery models. We have a dedicated team of industry experts, meaning we can start generating ideas — and results — from day one.

Our B2B marketing services for insurtech companies include:

The members of our Walker Sands insurtech team are regulars at industry events, including InsureTech Connect and Money20/20. Attending these events allows Walker Sands to stay plugged in to the latest trends and innovations in insurance, while hearing directly from the people who are changing the way the world conducts business.

You have ambitious goals and face unique challenges. Walker Sands recommends and executes customized solutions that leverage our core capabilities to deliver the results your business needs.

PR for Insurtech Companies

Spanning a complete range of earned, owned and paid media, our integrated PR approach educates and engages key audiences on the benefits and implications of insurtech for their organizations — no matter the solutions or products you offer.

Whether we’re leveraging the latest insurtech research for data-driven PR campaigns, or securing placement in top-tier media outlets, Walker Sands builds customized PR programs designed to build credibility and awareness among your valuable target audiences.

Choose from one-off or full-fledged PR strategies, including:

  • Media and influencer relations
  • Thought leadership campaigns
  • In-depth industry research reports
  • Awards, events and speaking opportunities
  • Product launches

Your audience is out there. Walker Sands has the tools, expertise and connections to reach them.

Leveraging Creative Marketing Solutions for Insurtech Companies

Walker Sands knows that good creative work encompasses a careful blend of strategy, vision and execution. From content marketing to UX design, you’ll gain a creative partner that’s skilled in every area of creative, resulting in an end product that meets your brand needs.

Our B2B creative strategies include:

  • Video production
  • Social media
  • Web projects
  • Brand expression
  • Motion design
  • Photography

As insurance technology continues to evolve, your B2B marketing strategies should keep pace. You need a marketing partner who will push you forward, rise to meet every challenge and continuously iterate on strategies to achieve the best possible outcome.

Digital Strategies to Grow Your Insurtech Brand Awareness

When you partner with Walker Sands for insurtech marketing, you gain access to the digital expertise you need to develop and deploy goal-oriented, lead-driving B2B marketing strategies. Our demand generation teams execute strategies that enable you to connect and engage with target audiences, increasing lead volume while improving your position in search results.

These strategies include:

  • Targeting audiences with specific roles on LinkedIn, such as insurance brokers, product managers and insurance carriers
  • Holistic keyword integration for improved search performance
  • Search and display advertising programs that focus on intent-based terms like “insurance platforms” or “insurance software solutions”

As the insurtech landscape continues to grow, your brand needs a strategic, creative partner that doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to garnering the industry recognition you deserve.

The thought leadership and digital ads of our insurtech clients are featured in —

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