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Walker Sands Supports Miller Heiman Group’s Transformation Into a Modern Sales Technology Company


In late 2017, Miller Heiman Group approached Walker Sands with a big ask: Partner to help transform the 40-year-old sales training company into a sales technology company and support the launch of its first SaaS product. During the next 12 months, Miller Heiman Group worked closely with Walker Sands to develop an integrated marketing program, rebrand the company, rebuild the marketing technology stack, bring the new software platform to market and launch a new global website in six languages.

The aggressive overhaul successfully repositioned Miller Heiman Group from a legacy sales training company to a leading sales technology company that is once again defining modern sales.

web leads (+100% YoY)

new sales opportunities

annual company growth

media placements

The Initial Ask

Miller Heiman Group Enters the SaaS Market

After initially coming to Walker Sands for PR support to bring the new SaaS product to market, it quickly becomes clear that Miller Heiman Group is eager to take on a much more comprehensive marketing strategy to reinvent itself as a sales technology company.

Miller Heiman Group selects Walker Sands as its global agency of record to help address several marketing challenges:

  • An outdated and inconsistent brand
  • A lack of visibility into the technology and SaaS space
  • Low PR credibility
  • A damaged marketing automation system
  • A website with low rankings and poor conversion
  • Zero marketing ROI measurement

Along with Miller Heiman Group’s brand-new CMO, who started on the same day as Walker Sands, the two companies approach these challenges as a unified team.

Strategic Planning

Building a Roadmap and Getting Quick Wins

In the first month, the teams develop a 12-month marketing roadmap that includes major milestones for the rebranding, infrastructure improvements and measurement.

At the same time, Walker Sands supports Miller Heiman Group in the launch of an integrated marketing program to get quick wins across public relations, demand generation, the website, content marketing and social media.

Simultaneously, Walker Sands begins work on the go-to-market messaging for the new SaaS product, Scout by Miller Heiman Group, and its updated sister training program, Strategic Selling with Perspective.

The Marketo Rebuild

Building a New Marketo Instance

While marketing automation plays a prominent role in the integrated marketing strategy, both teams quickly realize the inherited Marketo instance needs infrastructure improvements. Duplicate records, Salesforce integration issues and technical errors are resulting in a sub-optimal platform that struggles to nurture prospects.

To provide Miller Heiman Group with the data and infrastructure needed to drive sales conversions, Walker Sands partners with Marketo to assist Miller Heiman Group in rebuilding its Marketo instance.

The new instance integrates all of Miller Heiman Group’s marketing data and analytics from its CRM, business intelligence, event and social media tools, setting the stage for closed-loop marketing attribution.

The Brand Refresh

Elevating Miller Heiman Group’s Brand Identity

To visually and verbally reflect Miller Heiman Group’s transformation from a sales training company to a sales technology company, Walker Sands begins a refresh of the company’s brand identity.

Research showed customers were confused by the former product construct, so Walker Sands works with Miller Heiman Group’s product team to organize all offerings under the more intuitive and searchable categories of training, consulting, technology and research.

Verbal Identity

For the verbal identity, Walker Sands’ copywriting team introduces “Move the Deal” as the new tagline and writes a brand narrative that revolves around the company’s role in continually defining modern selling.

Visual Identity

Visually, the agency’s design team taps into the existing color equity, while advancing the look and feel to portray world-class professionalism, confidence, accessibility and adaptability.

A new brand book includes:

  • Mission and vision statements
  • Value propositions and key messages
  • Brand persona attributes and personality traits
  • Logo and color systems
  • Typography, photography and iconography guidelines

The Book Launch

Driving CEO Book Sales

Laying the groundwork for the Scout product launch, Walker Sands and Miller Heiman Group launch a promotional campaign to drive demand for a new book on sales enablement, co-authored by the Miller Heiman Group CEO.

Promotion Results

The campaign earns more than 50 placements in media publications, influencer blogs and podcasts; pushes the book on social media and paid channels; and includes an account-based marketing program targeting key customers and prospects.

The book lands on the bestseller list in the Amazon Sales & Selling category in only three months.

The Product Launch

Launching the Scout SaaS Platform

Finally, the big day arrives. After six months of planning, Walker Sands supports the launch of Scout by Miller Heiman Group using a multi-channel creative campaign with the tagline “See the Move That Moves the Deal.”

The campaign includes more than 150 assets, including:

  • Digital and social ads
  • Videos
  • Social media graphics
  • Blog posts
  • Emails
  • Press releases

Public Relations

Walker Sands secures 66 media placements, including top-tier coverage in Fast Company, Forbes, Inc., PC Magazine and Entrepreneur.

Demand Generation

A demand generation strategy featuring paid search and social is integrated with the public relations and organic efforts to maximize results across channels, ultimately driving 760 product demos.


By year’s end, the integrated marketing campaign drives incredible results across web, social, video and email.

More importantly, the campaign fills Miller Heiman Group’s pipeline with sales-qualified leads that represent millions of dollars in potential new revenue.

Website Launch

Launching a New Global Website

Putting a bow on an amazing year, Walker Sands and Miller Heiman Group launch a new global website that brings together a dozen previously disparate country-specific websites across North America, EMEA and APAC.

The new website features SEO-rich content, lead-focused design and international SEO best practices, along with:

  • 6 languages
  • 55 new pages of content
  • 23 mobile-first templates
  • 200+ forms (all GDPR compliant)

Built for conversion and integrated with the company’s marketing technology stack, the website introduces the new Miller Heiman Group brand to the world.

In less than a year, the integrated marketing program completely transformed the Miller Heiman Group business and marketing function, and the company continues to reap the benefits today. Not only does the marketing program generate thousands of leads and millions of dollars in revenue every year, Miller Heiman Group has also been reborn into a modern sales technology company poised to shape the sales landscape in the twenty-first century.

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