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CloudCraze Integrated Marketing Program

Salesforce Acquisition of CloudCraze Follows Millions in New Revenue from Integrated Commerce Campaign


Walker Sands’ partnership with CloudCraze exemplifies the power of a unified media relations, demand generation and content marketing program. What started as a simple press release request grew into a robust PR program and a profitable lead generation strategy that generates thousands of qualified leads.

Walker Sands’ work positioned CloudCraze as a leader in the B2B e-commerce space, which eventually helped the company secure $20 million in funding and a Salesforce acquisition.


leads generated

web traffic increase

in new business

The Challenge

CMO Matt Schmeltz reaches out to Walker Sands for press release help

CloudCraze CMO Matt Schmeltz approaches Walker Sands for support writing a press release and generating initial media coverage for the investment announcement.

Having worked with Walker Sands at Acquity Group, Schmeltz knows the team is capable of generating a high volume of quality placements quickly.

Walker Sands secures 64 placements in major industry publications like Forbes, Internet Retailer and VentureBeat.

The Solution

Brand Awareness

Walker Sands media outreach gets CloudCraze on the map

After the success of the launch, CloudCraze asks Walker Sands to continue media relations work to generate more buzz for the company.

Walker Sands positions CloudCraze as a leading Salesforce partner in niche industry by targeting the company’s key audience in trade publications, layering in top tier coverage through newsjacking and company stories.

Website Redesign

CloudCraze turns to Walker Sands for website redesign

Knowing it could rely on Walker Sands to deliver, CloudCraze approaches the team with a request for a website redesign. CloudCraze needs the new site to match its new mature branding, position the company as an innovator in the space and ultimately generate leads.

To start, Walker Sands’ web team creates user personas and builds optimized paths for increased conversions. The team also focuses on showcasing big case studies such as Coca-Cola and Land O’Lakes. Additionally, Walker Sands beefs up the site content to set the foundation for long-term success.

CloudCraze debuts revamped website at Dreamforce

Walker Sands completes the new site before CloudCraze’s attendance at Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference. The final product features a beautiful design that positions the brand as an industry leader.

  • Match new branding
  • Reposition CloudCraze
  • Generate leads

The powerful new site loads quickly and integrates with CloudCraze’s automation to support the company’s marketing efforts across channels.

Demand Generation Program

Walker Sands develops content assets to promote through PR and demand generation

CloudCraze turns to Walker Sands for help driving traffic to the new site.

This integrated PR and demand generation program includes the development of long-form content such as data studies and white papers, and the promotion of these assets through SEO, Google AdWords, paid social media, media relations and email drip campaigns.

The Results

The Funding Announcement

CloudCraze secures $20 million in funding

After two years of PR and demand generation work with Walker Sands, CloudCraze secures a $20 million funding round in early 2017 led by Insight Venture Partners and Salesforce Ventures. The funding supports CloudCraze’s growth within the burgeoning B2B e-commerce industry.

Walker Sands’ aggressive media outreach following the funding announcement generates 40 media placements in top-tier publications such as The Wall Street Journal, VentureBeat and the Chicago Tribune. The VentureBeat article specifically drives 245 website visits and five conversions.

Calculating ROI

Walker Sands develops ROI calculator

Walker Sands’ web team creates a one-of-a-kind digital calculator that predicts the ROI of digital investments for prospects.

The tool, which digitized CloudCraze’s back-end spreadsheets, serves as an additional lead generation tool, and positions CloudCraze as an e-commerce solution that can generate bottom-line benefits for B2B businesses. The calculator brought in 49 qualified leads that were a perfect fit for CloudCraze in just six months.

The Acquisition

Salesforce acquires CloudCraze

Salesforce signs a definitive agreement to acquire CloudCraze.

The CloudCraze program is a true testament to Walker Sands’ ability to deliver high-performing marketing programs that grow over the course of several years. The partnership evolved from an initial press release to a fully integrated program that generates millions of dollars in potential leads for the company.

Results to date

  • 560 placements
  • 3,434 leads generated
  • 64% web traffic increase
  • $2.7M+ in new business

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