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Website Audit

Your custom report including key statistics on your site’s design, load speed, Google rankings and SEO efforts.

How well your website performs can make or break your business. As your greatest opportunity for inbound lead generation, your website is your most important owned asset as it gives you full control over building awareness and credibility with your market – who ultimately convert into long term customers. 

Knowing how your website is performing with your intended audience is crucial to building content that fuels successful inbound and outbound marketing programs. A website audit with Walker Sands will provide: 

  • Key statistics on your site’s design and performance KPIs
  • Your Google Lighthouse rankings 
  • An assessment of your SEO efforts
  • Recommendations for improvement based on your industry 

If this is something you feel your B2B website could benefit from, fill out the form on this page to get started. 

Please note that based on our agency’s core expertise, we’re only able to conduct consultations for B2B and professional services organizations within our target industries at this time. Once selected for the free consultation, the team will schedule a 30 minute intro call to ensure their full understanding of the needs. A second call will be scheduled to share our consultation findings and recommendations.

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