How to Increase Media Coverage for B2B Technology Brands

Robust media coverage is the goal of every public relations campaign. But without the proper support, it can take months to garner just a single placement. At Walker Sands, we have the right contacts, creativity and focus to deliver placements capable of generating real-world business outcomes for your brand.

Media Coverage: Developing Your Story

Most technology PR firms have the tools to deliver media placements. But one of the things that separates Walker Sands from the rest of the pack is our ability to help you identify and articulate your brand story.

Our seasoned PR pros will work with your company to identify key audiences and create a narrative that delivers your brand’s message accurately and effectively. We’re experienced in positioning your company leaders at the forefront of your industry’s most meaningful conversations using media coverage in targeted publications.

Leveraging Various Forms of Media Coverage

Our team understands how important it can be to develop and maintain relationships with key members of the media, from The New York Times to Mashable. As a result of these relationships, reporters and influencers will regularly turn to Walker Sands for our clients’ insights and expertise on a range of topics.

Walker Sands is able to secure many different types of media coverage for our clients, including:

  • Thought Leadership: Thought leadership is a very specific form of media coverage that places your company as a leading source for information related to your core business. From contributed bylines to white papers, we position your company’s rock stars as the go-to people in your vertical.
  • Industry Research and Data-Driven Studies: Studies and research trends are always newsworthy, especially in the technology sector, and they provide a great opportunity to break into top-tier publications. We routinely help our clients develop and promote industry-based research and data studies as a way to improve their credibility and visibility with key audiences.
  • Product Launches, Updates and Announcements: Whether it’s a development on an existing product or a brand new prototype, we’ll share the latest news of your products to captivate your audience. Walker Sands will work with you to build supplemental materials – video, photos and graphics that will push the story to the next level. What’s more, we’ll implement the steps to keep the momentum going post-launch.
  • Company and Personnel News: Did your organization recently bring on a major player in your industry? We’ve got you covered to make the exciting announcement with the right outlet that spotlights their strong business acumen and previous accomplishments that will distinguish them as a true game-changer for your company.

At Walker Sands, we don’t measure our success based solely on the number of placements we earn for your company. Instead, we’re focused on providing your brand with the right media coverage you need to achieve actual business improvement.

Ready to Earn More Meaningful Media Coverage for Your Business?

Targeted media coverage for your brands most important messages can go a long way toward helping you achieve sustainable business growth. To learn more, contact us at (312)-267-0066 or through the form on this page.

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