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Boost awareness, increase authority and solidify your brand position with outcomes-driven PR for your B2B product launch, event or announcement.

Grab your audience’s attention with B2B PR for launches and events

Whether you’re launching a new product or orchestrating an industry-defining conference, announcements and events can serve as an inflection point to garner media attention and raise awareness of your brand. But without the right support before, during and after the big day, your announcement may not secure the recognition it deserves or generate the leads you expect. You need an always-on B2B PR strategy that weaves your initiatives into ongoing outreach, messaging and relationship development to ensure your launches and events deliver on your business goals.

At Walker Sands, we tap into our deep B2B industry expertise to build and execute strategies that put you on the map. We proactively set the stage before your launch by refining messaging, creating a media outreach plan and providing executive media training. When your announcement or event finally goes live, your Walker Sands team is all hands on deck, ready to support your efforts. Afterwards we’ll continue to explore new angles to extend the shelf life of the initial story.

Our coverage generates interest that echoes throughout your sector to build brand awareness and enhance your credibility with reporters, potential customers and other target audiences.

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Seize the news cycle

Securing B2B PR product launch and event coverage, doesn’t just happen. It’s earned through meticulous strategy development and precise execution. Walker Sands creates a comprehensive media outreach plan that includes exclusives, embargoes and on-site discussions to maximize quality coverage from publications relevant to your potential customers and target markets.

Cultivate relationships that generate brand awareness

PR thrives on relationships, and the way you leverage announcements can improve media coverage and brand recognition over time. Walker Sands supports your brand in developing personal connections with relevant reporters and analysts by strategically arranging in-person meetings and providing access to exclusive information. Maintaining these relationships through ongoing PR leads to improved placement quality and quantity, ultimately boosting brand awareness.

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Position your brand as an industry authority

Media coverage should do more than get your brand’s name in the news. It should build your credibility, establishing your executives as trusted voices on important topics in your industry. Walker Sands leverages B2B product launches and company events to highlight your thought leadership and raise your executives’ profiles, positioning your brand as a respected authority and industry leader. We equip your spokespeople with comprehensive, personalized media toolkits to maximize the impact of interviews and other event day conversations.

Launches + Events FAQ

Is on-site support available for our events?

Your Walker Sands PR team can operate both on-site to assist with in-person opportunities or offer remote support. On-site team members can manage and respond to live interview requests, engage with brand representatives and collect on-site insights that inform future PR strategies and thought leadership development. Off-site team members focus on monitoring coverage and social media, sharing news and announcements, coordinating interviews and providing a range of other valuable support services.

We’re a mid-market company with little brand recognition around a new product we’re launching. Is PR still a worthwhile investment?

When it comes to PR, you have to start somewhere. A B2B PR product launch, announcement or company event offers an exceptional storytelling opportunity to introduce your brand to the media. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or unveiling your first major customer, Walker Sands tailors solutions to align with your specific business objectives. We customize the media outlets we target, the narratives we craft, and the tone we adopt to meet your brand exactly where it stands. If your primary goal is to build brand awareness, we can help you achieve it.

We usually handle launches and event support in-house. What can Walker Sands do differently?

Regardless of whether you have an in-house PR and communications team or not, Walker Sands can enhance your pre-launch and event day efforts. We do our best work when we’re viewed as trusted partners by our clients and treated as an extension of their existing in-house marketing team.

Our support can encompass various roles, such as drafting or editing press releases, taking charge of or sharing media outreach responsibilities, shadowing interviews to offer feedback to your spokespeople, and more. We adapt to your specific needs and objectives, ensuring that your announcement’s reach goes further.

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