Thought Leadership

Elevate your brand by positioning your thought leaders as industry experts and delivering insights that seamlessly align with both your brand messaging and emerging trends.

Build your credibility with B2B thought leadership services

Breaking through a crowded marketplace takes more than sharing company news and events. You need insightful, unique viewpoints that solidify your brand’s position within emerging industry trends. A robust thought leadership program earns media coverage, boosts your credibility and differentiates you from competitors. Along with executive profiling and media and presentation training, it also elevates your executives as trustworthy leaders in your market.

The news cycle moves fast, but so do we. Walker Sands keeps a pulse on your industry and the topics your target outlets are covering. We align your experts’ insights with the media’s evolving criteria for newsworthiness, leveraging our industry expertise and wide B2B network to secure coverage that differentiates your brand.

Developing your thought leadership PR program

Our proven process transforms your executives into industry thought leaders whose insights capture the attention of targeted media.

  • We identify a roster of potential thought leaders at your company and pinpoint their areas of expertise.
  • We hold discovery calls with every thought leader to validate their backgrounds, understand their interests and gain unique, newsworthy insights.
  • We conduct outreach to target media contacts to begin establishing your thought leaders as valuable sources for ongoing and upcoming coverage, particularly around relevant breaking news.
  • As opportunities become available, we work with your thought leaders to articulate their ideas in the press, whether that means authoring a byline or providing commentary to a reporter.
  • We continually refine and pivot to enhance the effectiveness of your program, tweaking our approach and processes to improve results over time.
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