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4 Signs Your Business Is Ready For Website Optimization

Website optimization is a habit that all businesses are smart to develop, no matter how well their site performs. After investing both time and money into building a solid online presence, the last thing your company needs is an underperforming website that poorly represents your product or service, or simply feels stale. Through website optimization, your website can become a flexible, adaptable tool that grows with your business and audience.

Four Signs That It’s Time to Pursue Website Optimization

All websites are different and it’s not always obvious when a site needs back or front-end optimization. Here are a few telltale signs to look for:

  • Your Search Presence is Lacking: There are over 22 billion Internet searches every month in the U.S. Is your company earning its fair share of this massive pie? Low or stagnant organic search results often indicate website flaws, including outdated title tags and descriptions, irrelevant content and poor keyword targeting. If any of the above is true, it may be time to revamp your SEO program.
  • You Haven’t Made Mobile a Priority: Within the next three years, more than half of the global population will be using a smartphone. Even today, mobile devices account for one-third of all web traffic-a stat that’s growing every quarter. Websites that aren’t optimized for smartphone and tablet users suffer from high page abandonment and low conversion rates. A functioning desktop site is no longer enough to guarantee leads. Businesses must ensure their websites are responsive to any device.
  • Your Website Isn’t Converting: If no one’s clicking through to your calls to action or filling out your forms, your website conversion rate probably isn’t reaching its full potential. This is where conversion rate optimization comes in. By analyzing how visitors currently use your site (e.g., where they’re clicking, what they’re viewing first), you can pinpoint the elements that are inhibiting conversions. Hidden or poorly written calls to action and unclear conversion paths are a couple of common, but correctable, pitfalls that damage conversions.
  • Your Business Changed: If you’ve undergone a major business change recently, such as a rebranding, new product or service launch or acquisition, it’s time to optimize your site. A corporate website should reflect the business as it stands today, not five or ten years ago. Modifications in your organization or branding should be consistently reflected in SEO programs, site content and lead generation tactics.

Getting Started with Website Optimization

Designing a website is often a long, hectic process that companies can’t wait to finish. Once a site goes live, it’s easy to step back and consider the project complete, but this mentality prevents businesses from advancing their digital marketing efforts and attracting target audiences. Website optimization allows businesses to constantly improve their current site and create a digital experience that resonates with visitors and generates revenue.

Is your website itching for optimization? If so, Walker Sands is here to help. Our team of seasoned SEO, web design and content experts can support your firm’s optimization efforts, whether you need a mobile-friendly website or site content that accurately tells your brand’s story. Fill out the form or call us today at (312) 267-0066 to get started.

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