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Public Relations Strategies for Marketing Technology

Marketing professionals are always on the lookout for marketing technology to optimize campaign efforts and increase Return on Investment (ROI). As a company that offers technology to simplify marketers’ jobs, it’s important to get your product offerings in front of prospects that can truly benefit from your technology.

But with no shortage of marketing technology out there, how do you make your solutions stand out from other technologies in the marketplace?

Public Relations Strategies for Marketing Technology

To make your marketing solutions the go-to technology for marketers, you need a public relations team capable of developing a strategy to position your business as an industry leader.

Ideally, your PR strategy will get you noticed by CMOs as well as other influencers and decision makers in prospects’ marketing organizations. With increased visibility for your marketing technology, you’ll benefit from better lead generation, higher conversion rates and increased web traffic.

Leading marketing technology PR firms can leverage a range of tactics to help your company get noticed in today’s crowded tech marketplace, including:

  • Opportunities for Thought Leadership – Thought leadership can be achieved through contributed articles in industry verticals, as well as blog posts on granular topics that boost your search results. In addition, speaking engagements at industry conferences such as DMA, ad:tech and PubCon place you in front of key decision makers, CMOs, reporters and other influencers. Effective thought leadership goes a long way in solidifying your brand as a frontrunner in marketing solutions.
  • Special Projects and Research – Special projects like data surveys, whitepapers, infographics and more can provide new insights for marketing executives. Presenting findings and information spotlights you as an expert in the field, and encourages prospects to choose your marketing technology over a competitor. Armed with these data and findings, industry officials will regularly turn to you for expert commentary on breaking news and emerging trends.
  • Social Media – A crucial element of your PR strategy is social media. Leveraging social platforms enables you to build relationships and engage with consumers, as well as prospective customers.

Walker Sands: Proven Public Relations Success for Marketing Technology

As a leader in B2B technology public relations, Walker Sands has a proven track record in the marketing solutions arena. We have extensive relationships with media at leading industry publications like Advertising Age, Forbes, TechCrunch and VentureBeat. By working with our PR team, you’ll experience an increase in site traffic and more qualified leads.

To learn more about how Walker Sands can develop a PR campaign for your marketing technology, or to read about our success stories, contact us today.

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