Generating Awareness for Martech Solutions

Martech solutions are critical for helping growth-oriented brands achieve their defined marketing goals and objectives. Leveraging martech strategies, marketers are able to better understand consumer buying habits and key audience segments, as well as develop compelling marketing campaigns to target those consumers.

But if your business offers martech solutions to help marketers reach these objectives, generating awareness for your product can be difficult in a crowded marketplace where new technology is emerging every day. Partnering with a PR agency that has deep knowledge of the marketing technology sector can help increase lead generation, build awareness for your product and drive traffic.

PR and Digital Strategies to Generate Awareness for Martech Solutions

You have an excellent product that can help marketers optimize key campaigns and initiatives. But if your audience doesn’t know about it, generating the right leads and sales opportunities can be very difficult. It’s important to team up with a digital agency capable of leveraging cutting-edge PR tactics to generate awareness for your brand with the right audiences.

PR and digital strategies that can help put martech solutions on the map include:

  • Creating Email Newsletters. Email is a good way to keep prospects informed about both new and existing marketing products. But because users’ inboxes are constantly getting spammed, it’s crucial that your email newsletters are unique, informative and relevant. A monthly newsletter that targets different audience segments helps build awareness for your marketing solutions.

  • Developing a Strong, Well-Designed Website. A strong website should encompass the essence of your brand and product offerings. A digital agency will work with you to develop and manage your site through needs assessment, defining parameters and requirements, design and implementation. A well-designed website produces benefits that include delivering the right messages to the right audience, increasing lead generation and incoming flow, enhancing the marketplace value of product offerings and stimulating the sales cycle.

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising. PPC advertising is one of the most effective lead generation tools—if it’s properly managed and maintained. A strong digital agency will work to methodically optimize your PPC campaigns and drive traffic to your site. A good PPC strategy could prove to be one of the leading causes of new business for your brand.

Spotlight Your Martech Solutions with Walker Sands

At Walker Sands, our team of experienced, talented professionals works with clients to develop effective PR and digital strategies. We leverage the most advanced, proven methods to improve site traffic, increase lead generation and drive sales.

To learn more about how Walker Sands can help generate awareness and spotlight your martech solutions, contact us today.

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