"Walker Sands has scaled with us as priorities evolve, earning high-volume, high quality coverage in outlets like VentureBeat and Digiday. The team has designed and implemented a dual-market, dual-message strategy that elevates our marketing efforts and enhances lead generation."

Kristin Johnson, Director of Communications, Sprout Social

Marketing technology is a highly competitive and complex space. With over 5,000 point solutions and suites spread across 50 different product categories, the sheer size of the industry leads to a significant amount of noise - and buyer confusion.

To stand out, brands not only need solid messaging that speaks to what end users are going through, but also need to ensure that messaging is consistent and reflected across channels.

Walker Sands is a trusted partner to some of the world’s fastest growing martech firms because we understand how marketers make decisions about technology and tools. We offer a unique combination of capabilities to help our marketing technology clients reach and engage with decision-makers who are struggling to wade through the complicated vendor landscape.

Combined with our industry experience and extensive knowledge of the evolution of marketing technology, we have the media relationships, messaging savvy and digital marketing resources to identify and connect with the right audiences.

We partner with companies across an impressive range of marketing technologies, including:

  • Digital marketing: Email marketing, social media management, mobile marketing, search marketing, video marketing, content management and content marketing
  • Data and analytics: Artificial intelligence, big data, database marketing, data management platforms, predictive analytics, marketing performance and attribution
  • Adtech: Ad networks and exchanges, programmatic advertising, demand-side platforms (DSP), supply-side platforms (SSP), personalization, native advertising and segmentation
  • Campaign management: Marketing automation, CRM systems, sales automation and enablement, lead management and account-based marketing
  • Customer experience: Customer experience management, customer service, loyalty marketing, customer advocacy and employee engagement

Respected and recognized in marketing technology, Walker Sands regularly attends annual industry events and conferences that put us at the center of conversations relevant to your business.

Media outlets our Martech clients are regularly featured in –

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