Integrated Marketing Strategy

Achieve your target outcomes with an actionable integrated marketing strategy rooted in research-backed insights.

Launch an integrated marketing strategy with ROI you can count on

To progress toward your target outcomes in a complex B2B space, you need a single source of truth that aligns and coordinates your marketing strategy and channel activations. Whether you’re looking to target a new audience, expand market reach or fill your sales pipeline, an effective integrated marketing strategy gives you a clear roadmap to achieving your goals. At Walker Sands, we leverage research-backed insights about your business, your industry and your audience to recommend messaging that resonates.

Then, we present digestible, actionable recommendations that eliminate guesswork and make it easy to turn insight into action. By making improvements at both the strategy and channel execution level, you achieve outcomes like boosting marketing ROI, raising visibility and more. We’ll also help you tell your marketing strategy story to internal stakeholders and secure buy-in for your plan of action.

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Find the central source of truth in your integrated marketing strategy.

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Erin Spanski
Senior Vice President, Insights + Strategy