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Gain insights into your audience, brand position and competitive landscape with first-hand data from a leading B2B market research firm.

Bring rigorous research standards to your marketing strategy

You can’t build your marketing strategy on conjecture. You need accurate, unbiased data that yields trustworthy insights into your brand’s market position, your industry’s competitive landscape and the preferences of your target audiences. At Walker Sands, great strategy starts with quality research untainted by assumptions, confirmation bias or stereotypes.

Our researchers leverage meticulous methodology to collect and analyze data with academic rigor, then translate them into actionable business insights. With a strong foundation of first-hand, relevant data, your marketing strategy will more effectively drive your target outcomes.

Market research agency FAQs

What is your methodology?

Our research methodologies never view data or theory in a vacuum. Our approach avoids outside distractions and focuses solely on finding and making sense of the most important data for your business.

How long does a research and insights project take?

Depending on your goals and audience, quantitative research surveys typically take 6-12 weeks, including data analysis.

What is the difference between B2B and B2C marketing research?

While B2C marketing research surveys consumers, B2B marketing research targets business experts and decision-makers. For example, in the financial services industry, a B2C research project might survey consumers who use banking apps on their smartphone, while a B2B research project could survey banking executives.

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