Marketing Automation Optimization

Investing time today to optimize your marketing automation system will pay dividends in the long run.

Our marketing automation optimization programs are tailored to fit your needs, but we typically start with a quick diagnostic exercise to determine what the priorities are. Then we help you with the needed improvements. It’s that easy.

Getting your system into good shape can take time, but the payoff is worth the wait. Get in touch to learn more about our marketing automation optimization services.

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What Great Marketing Automation Looks Like

  • Marketing is integrated and smart — you’ve got a “marketing machine” that helps you blow the competition away and capture market share
  • Contact data is clean and accurate, with no duplicates, with smart, useful segmentation and with all the right information in the right places
  • Content and messaging are brilliantly tailored to specific audiences.
  • Engagement with prospects, existing customers and other key stakeholders is highly personalized
  • Drip and nurture campaigns deliver great leads that turn into sales
  • Tedious tasks are all automated, and your data flows from one system to another seamlessly and automatically
  • Reporting on performance is effortless, with easy to understand reports that managers love to see because key metrics are all trending in the right direction
  • You’re able to tick off every item on the helpful list of best practices your marketing automation agency, Walker Sands, gave you
  • Your team is well-trained, and all your marketing automation processes and workflows are well-documented.
  • Your plans are good, aligned with business objectives and with the right balance of planned-out campaigns and the ability to flexibly accommodate short-term requests that arise from time to time
  • The marketing and sales funnels are full with great opportunities, and everyone credits Marketing for the great results

Our Marketing Automation Optimization Process: Diagnosis

Marketing automation optimization can range from cleaning up your contact database to helping you plan out and build campaigns to updating your workflows across departments.

Since optimizing your system covers such a large array of potential fixes, we always start with a marketing automation audit and assessment.

If you’re using Marketo, it’s a Marketo system audit, based on a methodology that we’ve developed over the years while working with our many Marketo clients. We have similar marketing automation service offerings for Pardot and Hubspot.

Our Marketing Automation Optimization Process: Improvement

Once the diagnostic assessment is complete, we present our findings and recommendations. Then, our talented marketing automation consultants work closely with you to optimize your marketing automation system.

While we support many other solutions, our primary optimization offerings are:

Marketo Optimization – We are very proud of our Marketo team. You’ll be working directly with some of the top Marketo consultants in the country. During the assessment and the optimization work, we’ll educate you and your team on Marketo best practices. At the end of the engagement, you’ll have a better system and a much better understanding of how to make your Marketo instance more productive in hitting your business and marketing goals.

Hubspot Optimization – Our team of experienced Hubspot consultants can simplify and optimize your marketing systems and operations. In optimizing Hubspot instances, we focus on the mechanics of your system, alignment with business goals and execution. With a good marketing automation optimization partner, you can do more and you can do better with Hubspot.

Pardot Optimization – Dear to our heart, Pardot is the marketing automation solution we purchased for our own use years ago. We’ve since helped many clients to procure, install and optimize Pardot. Our Pardot marketing automation consultants love nothing better than helping our B2B clients ramp up their leads and conversions in a big way.

Improvement Starts with a Phone Call

Have an issue that needs to be fixed? Eager to up your marketing game? If so, it’s time to learn more about our marketing automation consulting services.

A quick conversation with our team will determine whether we are the right marketing automation agency for you. Please say hello and let’s start the conversation.

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